Becky’s Affiliated: Interview with Electron Cash wallet Founder Jonald Fyookball – Keeping it safe & simple

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In order for Bitcoin BCH to achieve mass adoption, yes, continued development on the BCH chain is of upmost importance but so is the continued development of software to support the use of BCH in everyday life. For example, BCH wallets.

Becky’s Affiliated: Interview with Electron Cash Wallet Founder Jonald Fyookball: Keeping it safe & simpleTake me, for example. It was relatively easy for me to figure out how to buy BCH, but then what? Where do you hold it safely? This is where things get a bit more complicated and for us everyday people its confusing – in fact, downright scary – when we encounter wallet complications.

Turns out my company has some amazing IT support and they were able to restore my wallet with no problem but in the meantime, the Founder of Electron Cash, Jonald Fyookball, had kindly offered to personally help me resolve my issue, a gesture that inspired me to write this piece.

I appreciated Fyookball’s offer greatly and I truly believe in the work he and his team are doing for the BCH community, including those who reside in developing countries. For these reasons, I wanted to have a chat with Fyookball to learn a bit more about his background, Electron Cash and how people like him can push the Bitcoin BCH ecosystem forward.

Becky Liggero: Thank you so much for joining me today, Jonald and thank you again for your offer to help me out when I was having technical issues with your wallet! Tell us, how and when did you first become interested in crypto currencies?

Jonald Fyookball: 2013. A friend told me about Bitcoin, and after reading the whitepaper I said “holy cow, this could be amazing”. The only question was whether enough other people would “get it”.

BL: So why have you decided to focus on Bitcoin BCH?

JF: The entire “scaling debate” from 2013-2017 was a fabrication…a concocted narrative fueled by extremism, censorship, and propaganda. It was based on a lie. There’s no reason Bitcoin can’t scale on the blockchain, at least far beyond the previous 1 megabyte limit. Bitcoin Cash simply returns us back to the original plan of what Bitcoin was supposed to be all along — peer to peer electronic cash that the entire world can use.

BL: Got it. Ok, tell us the story behind Electron Cash – when did you launch the company, what drove you to do so?

JF: Good question. There is no company per se — Electron Cash is a free open source software project. I created it by forking the BTC Electrum wallet just as we were launching Bitcoin Cash. I thought it was important to have “lite” or SPV wallets because most users do not want to run a full network node.

BL: Love it. There are choices for Bitcoin Cash wallets in the market today, how is your wallet and service different from the rest?

JF: Electron Cash lets you control all your private keys and you can restore your wallet easily with a 12 word phrase. It’s fast and easy to use. Also it has advanced features like coin control and multisig.

BL: We like fast and easy to use! Simplicity especially is important for the everyday user of BCH and for a goal of mass adoption- what are you doing specifically at Electron Cash to make things easier for your users?

JF: One thing we did recently is simplify the fee options. There’s some custom options for advanced users, but most people will just use a slider that sets the fee from low to high. Also we made it impossible to set the fee too high and lose money by accident.

BL: As someone who is at the forefront of Bitcoin BCH, what can be done in general to help push forward mass adoption of BCH to the point where people are spending and receiving it every day?

JF: That’s the billion dollar question. Some geographic areas like Tokyo and Australia are getting traction so maybe it has to happen via local communities pushing for it, and focus on places where we can win. A lot of these efforts are grassroots. Bitcoin meetup groups can really help this. Focus on adoption in your town first.

BL: Excellent, thank you so much Jonald and we hope to see you at CoinGeek Week in London this coming November!


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