Expect to be pampered at CEEGC Budapest by Altenar

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Budapest – 15 August 2018 – The team at European Gaming Media and Events, organizers of CEEGC Budapest, are excited to announce a new type of sponsor for the third edition of the most prestigious boutique style gaming conference in the CEE region.

Expect to be pampered at CEEGC Budapest by AltenarFor the first time ever, the team is introducing a “Pamper” sponsor and it is their honor to announce that Altenar will be the company to take this spot.

When the team at Altenar suggested this custom sponsorship, we were simply amazed by their inventiveness. We are really excited to meet such partners who will surely give a moment of pampering for our delegates at the conference.” said Zoltán Tűndik, Head of Business at European Gaming Media and Events.

Altenar will be the official Pamper, Pen and Paper sponsor at the third edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference and Awards, which will be held in Budapest on the 25th of September at the Ritz-Carlton.

Make sure you grab your seat in time and attend the most prestigious boutique style gaming event which gathers C-level executives yearly in one of Europe’s most visited city. Register here!

You can browse the full agenda and already confirmed speaker list on the following link.

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Quotes about CEEGC Budapest from attending delegates

Rafal Nowak – iGaming Sales Director at Mobiyo

“A week after the Budapest Gaming CEE conferences, I’m still discussing the topics brought up there with fellow delegates. Thank you Zoltan Tundik for organizing an informative an well shaped event on this, often underestimated iGaming territory and good luck with the next one!”

Roy Pedersen – CEO & Chief Editor at All In Translations

“For All-in Translations’ 10 Year Anniversary Tour we decided to attend more smaller conferences. Zoltan and Betty are much of the reason for this. They have a unique way of giving a personal touch to the events they organise while at the same time keeping them highly relevant. CEEGC Budapest was another great example where we felt truly welcome, and at the same time it was great for business.”

About Altenar

Altenar is a provider of sportsbook services to licensed gaming operators, ranging from ‘software-only’ product offers to the provision of a fully managed sports betting platform stack. Our software is developed and operated in-house, whilst being powered by premium quality data feeds.

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 About the organizer, European Gaming Media and Events (formerly EEGMedia/EEGEvents)

European Gaming Media and Events is a leading media and boutique event organizer company in the European Union which produces the prominent conferences in the region such as CEEGC (Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference), Prague Gaming Summit, Mare Balticum Gaming Summit, EGC (European Gaming Congress) and VIGE (Vienna International Gaming Expo).

The live events/conference division is in charge of organizing boutique style executive gaming events that focus on bringing inside information from the top gaming experts in the European Union and beyond. Their first event was held in Budapest on the 19th of September 2016. Since then the team have implemented more destinations into their event portfolio.

In short, they cover most areas of Europe with international events that serve the local and global industry, optimize networking opportunities and bring the hottest topics into scope.

The event destinations in 2019 will include a further expansion for the company in their quest to enter the Western European region and bring their expertise to produce local gaming events.

For more details about the calendar, agendas and locations, visit the Live Events/Conferences section on


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