Johnny Chan joins the rake free crypto poker room No Limit Coin Poker

Johnny Chan joins the rake free crypto poker room No Limit Coin Poker

Ten-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, Johnny Chan, is the new face of the first rake free crypto online poker room, No Limit Coin Poker, based on the Evenbet poker platform.

So Doug Polk went all Paddy Power on us this summer paying for a billboard outside of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker (WSOP) taunting Daniel Negreanu with the words:

Johnny Chan joins the rake free crypto poker room No Limit Coin PokerMORERAKEISBETTER.COM

And yes, the website does exist.

If you’ve been hiding behind a massive billboard for the past 18-months, then let me refresh your memory in a sentence or two. PokerStars raised the rake, Daniel Negreanu uttered the immortal words more rake is better during an interview, and ever since Doug Polk has been spanking Kid Poker with a more rake is better paddle board.

You likely think Negreanu is a goaltender short of a hockey team for suggesting that more rake is better, so how would you feel if I told you that an online poker company exists that thinks no rake is better?

Let me introduce you to NoLimitCoin Poker.

Using the Evenbet Poker Platform, NoLimitCoin Poker sells the story that it’s the first rake free crypto-based poker room in the world. The founders have designed the business model to earn revenue through the growth of their cryptocurrency NoLimitCoin (NLCoin), and not by charging the players to play.

Not only do the players benefit by not paying a rake, but they can also earn a profit through the growth of NLCoin. The poker room is a web-based affair, meaning you don’t have to download software. The first tournament that NLCoin hosted attracted over 500 players.

The Evenbet Platform boasts 76 poker rooms, across 25 countries, with 20 different poker variants, and over 4.6 million users.

And there’s more.

Yes, Johnny Fucking Chan is the new voice of NoLimitCoin Poker.

Chan isn’t the only old-school pro who has recently signed to promote a new school poker room. In April, Scotty Nguyen joined Cryptonia Poker as a brand ambassador.