Betway expands brand awareness with deals in cricket, horse racing and esports

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The online gambling outfit, Betway, has expanded its reach, cutting deals with Cricket West Indies, Galway races, and FACEIT London Major at Wembley.

Betway expands brand awareness with deals in cricket, horse racing and esportsFootball was for the working class. Scum. Council estaters. All you needed was a ball and four jumpers. Cricket was for the toffs. Southerners. Nancies. People with too much money. You required bats, wickets, gloves, balls, and things to prevent your fruit and veg from getting squished.

I did play cricket on the Sega Megadrive once.

That was fun.

Outside of the virtual world, I think I would rather watch the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race or a game of snooker. I can’t think of anything as dull, but I am alone in my thinking.

I live not far from Sophia Gardens in Cardiff, and they recently held a 20/20 tournament series. Players from all over the world hunted this place down and killed it for a week.

Anyone that can put away that much ale must like to gamble.

And that’s why Betway wants in.

The Maltese and Guernsey-based online gambling company have been busy of late, entering into sponsorship partnerships like a Polar Bear enters a dead end cave full of fat penguins, and cricket is a part of the broader plan to go all James Bond bad guy and take over the world.

Betway has become the Official Betting Partner of Cricket West Indies. The handshake gives the Betway brand exposure across all Windies international Home Series matches and digital channels.

The Sport of Kings 

From a sport that will put you to sleep, to one that injects you with a litre of happy juice, IF you have money riding on the outcome.

For the first time since inception, Betway is entering the Irish racing market, sponsoring three races at Galway Races Summer Festival.

The meet begins on Monday 30th July.

Here are the three races:

– The Betway Irish EBF Maiden
– The Betway Maiden
– The Netway Irish E.B.F Nursery Handicap.

Betway’s Anthony Werkman told the press that he’s hoping to catch the eye of a new raft of potential customers.

The Sport of the Future 

Finally, Betway will sponsor the FACEIT Major London.

Taking place in September, FACEIT will be the most significant esports event ever held on British soil. Over 10,000 fans and millions of people watching via streams from all over the world will tune in to see the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) teams shooting the shit out of each other.

Werkman believes it will be the UK’s most impactful eSports event of all time.

It’s not Betway’s first esports rodeo. The gambling outfit partnered with Electronic Sports League (ESL) in February at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) in Katowice, and they also sponsor the top eSports team Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP).


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