iGB Live! 2018 day two recap

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Delegates from all corners of the online gambling industry returned to the RAI Amsterdam for Day Two of iGB Live! 2018, another day full of expo floor fun and informative sessions.

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One of the main purposes of attending events such as this one is to have fun with current and prospective business partners, friends and colleagues.  All across the expo floor people were smiling, whether it was in conversation or while enjoying an activity on the floor.

Endorphina, an online casino software provider, offered a simple, creative and fun promo at their booth all in the name of fun and relationship building.  After putting on a hard hat, delegates were asked to choose one of three cords to pull from above their heads, releasing lottery tickets, real money, bananas, doughnuts or plastic cockroaches.

“The whole purpose of the promotion is to bring endorphins to our partners, to our clients, to every single visitor at the expo”, shared Anastasiya Rimskaya, Endorphina’s Business Development Manager.

Strong personal relationships are so important in the online gambling industry, especially when there are so many choices of similar product offerings.   Rimskaya went on to explain how Endorphina endeavors to build good relationships with all their partners.

Recently Endorphina received their MGA license and with relationship building in mind, they celebrated by sending pizzas to Maltese-based iGaming companies.  “It was so amazing when they were sending us a message and a photo that says, ‘Guys, thank you for the pizza’ It was really, really nice.  We were happy to hear from them”, she said.

“We like to have a close friend, family relationship with our partners because working together is almost 80% of our lives so we should enjoy it as well”, Rimskaya added.

iGB Live!’s expo floor was also home to innovative product displays such as Single Shot Entertainment’s in-play pool game offering.  Over at the Kiron stand, the distributor of this pool game, Single Shot Entertainment’s Chairman Jason Lahser elaborated on the innovation behind his product.

“The cue sport industry has basically stayed stagnant for decades and our company set out to create a game that was repetitive, fast paced and was void of corruption”, Lasher shared with

“The company has developed an algorithm that embeds into the software and we’re able to generate 365 betting opportunities every day.  The secret sauce is we’ve eliminated the opponent which was obviously a big thing. We eliminated the break.  The reason being is that you cannot collect data on a game of cue sports with a break involved simply because no two breaks are the same”, he said.

“So, by eliminating the player and the break we’re able to capture hundreds and hundreds of different of patterns which we can test to then calculate the odds of which then we can feed to sports books and operators so they can have a very accurate, definitive, odds market on repetitive frames”, he added.

Prior to going to market, Single Shot Entertainment was able to secure pool legend Neil Robinson as one of their players, a testament to the quality of their product.

“We’ve been excited to get involved one of the greatest players in history who put his name on it- Neil Robinson.  We are in advanced talks with the great legend Jimmy White who is going to put his name on to our virtual 7 ball run snooker so the future’s exciting and if anyone knows the likes of those guys, for them to put their name on something, you can pretty much understand that its going to be a successful game, otherwise they never would have done it”, Lahser revealed.

Today’s “Crypto Live!” track featured a series of short pitches and presentations all designed to educate delegates on the latest in Blockchain and how it’s being used in the online gambling industry today.

Kenneth Haugaard, Ayre Media’s BCH Consultant, delivered a presentation on how Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is superior to Ethereum and how the online gambling industry can use BCH to solve problems.

“In the gaming industry, some of the key parameters in terms of what’s important for these guys are low fees and a faster speed of transactions.  [Gambling sites] are also built on Ethereum, most of them, the majority, lets be honest, but they are also facing these challenges of what Ethereum can’t solve”, Haugaard told

“So moving over to Bitcoin Cash BCH, that is literally what we do best here is scaling the block size.  By scaling the block size we can also secure a constant low transaction fees, but also instant transactions and I believe that’s exactly what the gaming industry is all about”, he added.

Haugaard also pointed out the importance of tracks such as Crypto Live, especially seeing as a major hurdle to mass adoption of Blockchain is that people are unaware.  “People actually don’t know too much about Bitcoin Cash’s capabilities, because everything we saw in the market today and everything that is a challenge, BCH can solve”, he said.

In order to learn more about BCH specifically, Haugaard urged delegates to visit, a news and information source for all things Bitcoin Cash, to familiarize themselves with the bComm Association, a global network that brings together merchants, developers, miners, exchanges and other BCH-interested parties and to consider attending the London-based CoinGeek Week conference November.

As iGB Live! came to a close this afternoon, we caught up with Clarion’s recently promoted Events Director, Stuart Dacre, who is now responsible for iGB Live! and the affiliate-facing conferences.

“What we now have is an ultimate footprint for all iGaming professionals to attend, from an investment perspective, from a crypto perspective, the b2b side and the convergence of markets in general is fully represented, is fully demonstrated”, Dacre shared with

“This is just the platform for the groups to meet. I think when you look at the networking parties that span across bingo lottery, crypto, casino, there is something now for everybody. Its not going to take the place of everything else that occurs globally, however, I think its firmly cementing itself as the most significant date for most people now that are involved in the sector”, he added.

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