Karen Andreasyan: Betting is part of freedom of expression

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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Karen Andreasyan of BetOnPolitics explains why betting is a great sociological tool to promote political discourse.

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Politics has always been a touchy subject of discussion. Most people avoid talking about their political beliefs out of fear of starting a conflict.

In recent years, Karen Andreasyan of BetOnPolitics noted that many people have turned to gambling in order to be able to express their political beliefs without engaging others in a heated argument.

Andreasyan, who served as a human rights defender in the Republic of Armenia before joining the gambling industry, pointed out that political betting has become an important sociological tool in measuring public opinions and public attitudes throughout the years.

He also underscored the importance of political betting in upholding freedom of expression in different countries around the globe.

“I’m not from the betting industry but I have legal and political background. My interest here is freedom of expression because the fact that we have no political vector that we need to follow makes us very independent platform and I think betting is part of freedom of expression,” Andreasyan told “So, I think giving this opportunity for people to bet, to claim, and to bring their predictions and views is a continuation of doing my ex-work that I was doing as human rights defender.”

Through the BetOnPolitics platform, Andreasyan said they were able to help people freely express their views without being castigated for their political beliefs.

“First of all, we are opening a platform for people to express their views because when you claim on something, when you predict and put your money on political development, you are participating in the process,” he explained. “For us, it is very important to have this site, not only for betting and for news, but also as a sociological tool. We come to measure public opinion, public attitudes with their own betting claims that they’re going to do on our website.”


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