Becker loses trophies; finds white gold; partypoker release online dates

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partypoker ambassador, Boris Becker, loses £1m worth of trophies; finds a job in double glazing and his employer releases 2018 online MTT festival dates.

I’m off to see my ex-wife. Sometimes, it’s like eating an onion, but I look forward to my trips. I miss her. We spent 20-years together, side-by-side, believing as dogs believe.

I’ve moved on. Remarried. Found the spunk (literally) to create another young-un. There are still parts of me in that house. Physically. Mentally. And if I search hard enough I am sure I will find a cardboard box with the word ‘Trophies’ written on the side in black marker.Becker loses trophies; finds white gold; partypoker release online dates

Long before I stood on the burning deck of that house, I took great pride in the parade of my trophies. I won the first one when I was ten. I was still sticking them in my cabinet in my 20s, by which time, the drink and drugs made it more challenging to finish a match.

I gave up.

The kids were running rings around me.

I boxed my trophies up and put them in the garage, and right now, I’m guessing Boris Becker had wished he had done the same.

The six-time Grand Slam champion, who earned more than $25m in prize money during a glittering career, can’t find his trophies. According to press reports, Becker owes an estimated £54.4 million to various people and establishments. Bankruptcy is the only option. Both Becker and his bankruptcy trustees Smith & Williamson have launched an appeal to find the lost silverware.

Three Wimbledon Championships, two Australian Open titles, two President’s Challenge Cups, a Renshaw Cup, and an Olympic gold medal are in hiding.

Unlike my battered box of banality, Becker’s lost treasures would likely fetch more than £1m. So you can see why it was unwise of him to treat them like a can of tuna left on a moonlit porch.

Who knows?

As creditors close in like helicopters on the scent of blood on a Saturday night, maybe it’s a good thing that they’ve gone…er…missing?

Trophies or no trophies I am sure Becker will turn this embarrassment around. He is still one of the all-time tennis greats, and companies are still taking a punt on him despite the bankruptcy news. This week, he penned a deal with the double glazing firm Fenster 24 worth an estimated £120,000.

I doubt they will be trusting him with their windows.

partypoker Release 2018 Online MTT Schedule 

Becker isn’t in the business of winning tennis trophies these days, but he does have a penchant for a poker prize or two.

Earlier this week, the online poker room he represents took the unprecedented step of announcing their online MTT festival dates for 2018.

The announcement has that ‘tick the box’ feel to it, but I like the idea. It allows customers to calendar the dates well in advance, and it shows a confidence in their product. Instead, of trying to marry up their festivals with those of their competitors (which makes sense), they are in effect, challenging their competitors to join them or go it alone.

partypoker plan three POWERFEST events, three KO Series (Bounty events) and three Monster Series events. All roads lead to the $20m Guaranteed MILLIONS Online, which has a High Roller Series in the sidecar.

Here are those dates.

Someone tell Boris so he doesn’t forget them.
POWERFEST – Jan 21-Feb 4, May 6-20, Sep 2-23
KO Series – Feb 25-Mar 4, Jun 2-10, Oct 28-Nov 4
Monster Series – Apr 29-May 6, Jul 29-Aug 6, Nov 18-25
MILLIONS Online and HR Series – Nov 25 – Dec 5


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