From Brady’s missing jersey to Trump tweets: Super Bowl LII crazy prop bets

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The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are not the only ones that have come prepared for Sunday’s Super Bowl LII showdown.

From Brady’s missing jersey to Trump tweets: Super Bowl LII crazy prop betsBookmakers across the U.S. dished out some of the ridiculously insane—if not incredibly obscure and granular—prop bets that have nothing to do with the game itself but will surely provide absolute entertainment for sports fans and punters alike.

In fact, online sportsbook Bodog has over 20 pages of creative prop bet list for punters ahead of the much anticipated Super Bowl LII.

Will Tom Brady’s jersey be stolen again this year? The oddsmaker said there is 10/1 chance that the New England’s top quarterback will lose his jersey after the game.

Punters also try to guess how many times the broadcasters will mention Brady’s age during the entire game. They say that there’s a 1/2 odds that Brady’s age will be mentioned over 1.5 times compared to the 3/2 odds that it will be mentioned under 1.5 times.

They also weighed in on who between team owners Robert Kraft and Jeffrey Lurie will be introduced and seen first during broadcast. The odds of Kraft being the first to be introduced is at 5/7 compared to Lurie’s 1/1 odds.

It is likely that Kraft will be shown first during the showdown than Lurie with 5/7 odds.

Punters also try to predict the number of tweets of President Donald Trump during the entire game. Most punters believe that Trump will have over/under 5 tweets.

They also said that there’s 11/10 odds that Trump will be mentioned during the broadcast while the odds that the Sunday’s broadcast will be Trump-free is at 2/3.

Punters also tried to predict how many times the broadcasters will mention the outside temperature in Minneapolis, where it’s forecast to be just 8 degrees on game day. Most of them believe that there’s 5/7 odds that the broadcasters will mention the temperature outside the Stadium more than once.

There’s also 3/2 odds that Donovan McNabb’s vomiting incident from Super Bowl 39 be mentioned during the broadcast.


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