The 888Poker roar: Poker Central relationships expands into the third year

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888Poker continue to become the leading face of online poker in America after agreeing to extend their contract with Poker Central for a third successive year.

At 62-years-old, Stephen wanted more than his restaurant offered. The responsibility felt as heavy as a sack of coal. The only time he put the bag down was at the poker table. The tail would wag, and he would rub his damp nose into his two cards desperate not to flick them into the muck.

The 888Poker Roar: Poker Central relationships expands into the third yearOne day, during a serving of egg on toast, a businessman asked Stephen if he could buy him out. There was a number on a napkin. Stephen picked it up, read it, shook the man’s hand, and wheels were set in motion.

What would Stephen do without his heavy sack of coal?

He would play poker.

Where would he play poker?


Why am I talking about PokerStars in an article carrying the word ‘888Poker’ in the headline?

Read on.

The Reason I am Talking About PokerStars in an Article With ‘888Poker’ in the Headline 

Stephen’s beachside gaff is in the UK. If you live in this cold, wet place, and want to play poker, and do your research, the one brand that turns up as frequently as an iceberg in a movie about the Titanic, is PokerStars.

PokerStars’ omnipresence is one of the reasons they continue to be the market leader in the UK, and around the world.

A lesson to be learned.

888Poker is studying hard.

There are four places on the globe where evidence suggests online poker rooms could make a lot of money.


Of those four locations, I believe whoever controls the US market has the potential to become the leading light in this pantomime called poker.

If we take Stephen’s experience and put that into play in the US, we have to ask the question, “How do Americans consume poker content?”

It’s an important question because it leads to a reason for people to play the game and their choice of where to play.

I don’t have any stats here. I am licking my thumb and sticking it into the air. But I imagine older US players consume poker content on TV and the youngsters via the Internet.


The World Series of Poker
The World Poker Tour
Poker Central


All of the above
Twitch and YouTube streamers

What do all of those TV outlets have in common?


The world’ second largest online poker room this side of the annoying wind chime that wakes me up each morning may not be joining the mega-millions fight to provide the seven-figure score live and online events. They are spending a hell of a lot of money to ensure that if you live in the US, and you want to play poker, the name of 888Poker is seared into their subconscious mind, the way the word ‘PokerStars’ is seared into Stephen’s.

And yesterday, they strengthened that connection.

888Poker and Poker Central continue to partner moving into 2018. The relationship is now three-years-old, and it allows the 888Poker brand to be the in-show sponsor of all primary poker content shown on PokerGO.

The Super High Roller Bowl

The US Open

The Poker Masters

Poker After Dark

ARIA High Roller Series

If you watch these shows, and a lot of Americans will, then it’s the name of 888Poker that you’ll see. Not PokerStars. Not partypoker.

It will be interesting to see if the new contract allows 888Poker to be the in-show sponsor of the Super High Roller Bowl, China. As it’s missing from the press release, I guess it won’t be, but the intent to move this flagship High Roller event around the world is excellent news for 888Poker.

And as a reward, 888Poker promises to create more ways to send their online brethren to these incredible live events by playing online at 888Poker throughout 2018.

I was waiting for 888Poker to roar.

I didn’t realise is they have been roaring for some time.

I haven’t been in the right place to hear them.


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