Hillevi Stuhrenberg: Everybody has an important CSR functions to fill

CAI Hillevi Stuhrenberg

In this interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero, Hillevi Stuhrenberg, Manager for Responsible Gaming & CSR of Betsson Malta Ltd, gives us insights on how to build a responsible and transparent culture within an organization.

They say that a company resembles a basic electric circuit. Each member of the company plays a big part in the success of the organization. If any of the employees or the bosses don’t function well, expect the organization to malfunction.

That’s why when it comes to communicating a responsible gambling strategy internally, Hillevi Stuhrenberg, Manager for Responsible Gaming & CSR of Betsson Malta Ltd, emphasized the need for each member of the organization to be involved.

“Everybody needs to feel part of that, whether you work with IT. Because you are ensuring that our communication tools with customers work, and thereby we can pick up customers when they have problems,” Stuhrenberg told CalvinAyre.com. “We can guide them accordingly. Everybody has an important function to fill. I think it makes people feel happier as well.”

Stuhrenberg shared that Betsson employees receive internal and external training on problem gambling and there is an employee assistance program for employees who need help themselves or for family members.

“We have various tools, one is definitely the on-boarding of all new employees where they are introduced to responsible gaming function and why it is there and why we invest in that,” Stuhrenberg said. “In fact, it is naturally our largest CSR commitment being a gambling company but we also have employee handbooks. We have part of our value foundation is that we play fair. That regulates not only our relationship with customers but also between staff, between our suppliers. Basically, all aspects of our living together.”

The Betsson executive underscored the importance of using data to push forward responsible gambling programs. By using such data, Stuhrenberg noted that their research showed that customers are “happier” when they have the option of setting voluntary deposit limits over the long term.

“I would say, first of all, we need to know our customers and their behavior in order to inform them to find out how we can influence their behaviors enough for them to have a healthier way,” she said.