Product Profile – Qorex

Product Profile – Qorex

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Gerard Knowler of TCSJOHNHUXLEY explains what makes Qorex one of the products to watch out for in 2017.

It is always a must for gambling operators to attend gaming expos worldwide. Aside from establishing networks, gaming expo serve as a place where gambling operators can find hidden gems that may serve as a centerpiece in their business.

Early this year, G2E Asia held for the second time the “Product Hot Hits” where they recognize the top 10 most-scanned new products. The awards recognize operators, regulators, suppliers and service providers across 12 fields.

One of the gems discovered during the event was Qorex, a new electronic gaming terminal from TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

“So when they came today and announced that we were part of the hot product list, we were really excited because it is hard to tell when people are looking around you see all those new stuff, how attractive your product is compared to the other ones,” Gerard Knowler of TCSJOHNHUXLEY told “It must be good because we got a lot of response from the voting. We hope to see it a lot more in Asia, and see it on other games as well.”

With a modular design, Knowler said Qorex terminals can be configured to your casinos requirements, from as little as one electronic terminal to large scale stadium arrangements. He added that Qorex has featured configuration and customization options to suit the casinos size and style, while offering an easy to navigate user interface.

“Our new product is the cabinet running using the game ball, which is basically a baccarat with dice. So, there’s no cards and as the dice spin around, and the results is exactly the same as the baccarat and the players can bet on them,” Knowler said. “It is exciting because they can actually see the results. Instead of the cards where it turns up, they can actually the results changing. Whether or not they win, they can see it live.”

What makes Qorex different from other gaming terminals, according to Knowler, is that their product has an ergonomically designed cabinet featuring a widescreen HD display, providing an eye-catching addition to any gaming floor.

“On our terminal, you bet like you would on a normal baccarat game. But we can also bet on the side bet. It means I have a chance to win additional money based on the colors that the dice lands in,” he explained. “So, after we’re done betting, you’ll see that there is a countdown going on, once the other players are done betting, then the dice will spin and we will be able to see if we’ve won anything from our bets.”