InBet games presents penalty kick, a fresh football game

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Football is in the air. As the FIFA Confederations Cup is ready to unfold in Russia, we are reminded that the great feast of the Game, the long anticipated 2018 World Cup, is just around the corner, too. Here at InBet, we share many of our friends’ and customers’ passion for the Game. The football vibe that we all feel chimes in with our resolution to always deliver the products that best fit the players’ needs – here and now. That is how the Penalty Kick came to be.

INBET GAMES PRESENTS PENALTY KICK, A FRESH FOOTBALL GAMEWe are thrilled to unveil our new game, which combines elements of both dynamic action and football drama. The idea behind it was the drive to replicate one of the most nail-biting moments of the Game – a penalty. Will the kicker be victorious, or will the goalkeeper make an unlikely epic save? Will the shot be powerfully placed in the top corner, or volleyed to the center? Penalty Kick’s 3D simulation will keep you guessing until the very last second.

Betting on wide range of outcomes makes for extra excitement. One of the key decisions that the player takes is predicting where the ball will be placed:

• Below the crossbar (upper row, cells 1 to 8): coefficient 3.0;
• In the middle of the goal (middle row, cells 9 to 16): coefficient 3.0;
• Low shot (bottom row, cells 17 to 24): coefficient 3.0;
• Rebound from the post: coefficient 24.0;
• For the most sanguine of luck – betting on the exact cell, coefficient 24.0;

Betting on cell colour:

• Green: coefficient 2.0;
• Yellow: coefficient 2.0;

The length of each round is 2 minutes. For players’ convenience, the stats for last 120 shots are displayed handily. A short demo video may be found at:

Penalty Kick is already available as a part of our InbetVProducts utility software:

Try InBet, and you will never fail to amaze your audience!

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