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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Gian Perroni of Breakout Gaming tells us what makes a comprehensive online gaming platform.

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Breakout Gaming has introduced a new aspect of entertainment platform for both gamers and gamblers, with a complete range of the most advanced and popular gaming products offered online.

Unlike other eSports betting offerings, Breakout also lets people play rather than just simply wager on what other people are playing.

Gian Perroni said the group presents a comprehensive gaming platform that features casino, sports, skill games wagering, poker, a digital download PC/Mac game store, a specific eSports PvP (player vs. player) competition site, and a free play poker site, all of which is open to all markets.

“We wanted to do something a little bit different. In this industry, coming in to a fairly mature industry, we need a couple of USPs. One of them is the cryptofiat and the other was to look at that gamer market, which is actually bigger than the gambling market,” Perroni told

Perroni said Breakout Gaming is one of the few groups to offer its own cryptocurrency aside from making the offering compatible with all key deposit methods.

“We used that for people to deposit on our site. We’ve seen that there’s a core group of gamers that are used to cryptocurrencies,” Perroni told “Because we do work with both gamers and gamblers, some of the verticals that we are in like the eSports and like our game store, there is really an interesting group that bitcoin and breakout coin that’s what they really want to use. For us, as operators, cryptocurrencies are brilliant.”

What makes their offering unique, according to Perroni, is the fact that it also provides PC digital downloads to players across the globe. He said they are working with big gaming publishers in the world to make this possible.

“It is again a way for people that are getting into PC gaming to buy the games they want. We do it in every market. We have a UK store, a European store, Brazilian, Latin America and most of them are Steam downloads. You get the code from us, and you go to and download the game,” he said.


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