Spintec had a successful Asian launch of a new product line Aura at G2E Asia

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A new product line Aura was presented for the first time in Asia. The feedback from visitors confirmed that Aura gaming terminal is next big thing for operators searching for comfortable and ergonomic gaming terminal perfect for bigger, multigame set ups.

Spintec, who already has proven record in Macao with the biggest share of installations of electronic roulettes in the past three years, is strengthening its position as a full range ETG supplier with a versatile offer, consisting of variety of games: Roulette, Sic Bo, Craps, Baccarat, combining live, automated and virtual technological solutions in one multigame experience.

At G2E Asia, Spintec presented two product lines. Karma line, already proven in Macao and well-known for its compact solutions and a completely new product line Aura, which is perfect for multigame amphitheatre setups.

Spintec had a successful Asian launch of a new product line Aura at G2E AsiaThe new product line Aura caught the most interest from the visitors. Enthusiasm from operators from wider Asia Pacific region was immense and their feedback confirmed that Aura is currently among the most upscale and luxurious looking product on the market. They were thrilled over comfort that extensive space for legs provide and over chair, designed to complete the playing terminal as a perfect ergonomic fit. Ergonomics is further on highlighted with innovative sunken monitor that supports the player’s wrists and optimal viewing angle. A place for drink, a place for mobile phone and a dedicated space for personal belongings are a well thought of add-ons that take care of the player’s needs so he can focus on the game. With this revolutionary new approach in design, Aura aims to be the most comfortable and ergonomic gaming terminal on the market.

A stand-alone multigame wall, which was presented alongside Aura gaming terminals, also gained great feedback. Visitors liked this stand-alone solution, because of its ultimate video quality realistically mimicking live game and because of its ability to be placed in any interior, independent from any back-wall on which monitors for multigame are usually installed.

From the Spintec’s core product line Karma, Automated Roulette, automated Sic Bo and Craps and stand-alone virtual playing station were presented at G2E Asia.

Countless visitors confirmed that Karma automated Roulette, which is already installed within every six casino groups in Macao, rightly hold the leading position on the market. This is also the reason that their interest in Karma novelties was genuine. They have expressed a great future for a stand-alone virtual playing station with multigame option for a player to choose between different virtual games.

When first introduced a year ago, Karma automated Sic Bo proved to be the most technologically advanced automated Sic Bo on the market. At G2E Asia its upgrade with one automated center combining two games Sic Bo and Craps at the same time was presented and gained many sales requests from the biggest operators in Asia Pacific region.

All products presented at G2E Asia hold the known Spintec’s promise of longer gaming session gained through comfort of the player, proprietary technical solutions and psychological knowledge of the player.


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