Betting on Football tackles the trading floor of the future

Betting on Football tackles the trading floor of the future

SBC Events has signed up a quartet of industry big hitters for a hotly anticipated Betting on Football 2017 session on the future of the trading floor in sports betting.

GIG Managing Director Christopher Langeland, GVC Holdings Group Trading & B2B Director Jim Humberstone, Betradar Managing Director MTS Paolo Personeni ‎and Danske Spil Head of Sportsbook Jens Nielsen will be discussing the impact of technology on trading, the role that artificial intelligence (AI) will play in the sportsbook of the future, and whether traders will ultimately become distinct within fully automated bookmaker operations.

The #bofcon2017 panel, sponsored by Delasport, will be moderated by Oddslife Advisor and Betsson Co-founder Chris Duncan. TBetting on Football tackles the trading floor of the futurehe discussion will also touch on the growing influence of marketing, the increase in freely available performance data, peer to peer betting and the inherent dangers of sports trading evolving with a reduced level of human intervention.

In an age where modern technology has replaced more traditional techniques, and live betting algorithms have taken over, sports traders are ceding more control to the punters with automated trading tools such as ‘Cash out’, ‘Edit Bet’ and ‘Edit My Acca’.

Personeni is well placed to discuss this hot topic, given that he leads Betradar’s Managed Trading Services (MTS), a risk management solution for betting operators which comes with a full operational service that includes providing fixtures, compiling odds, monitoring liabilities and resulting matches.

“I am really looking forward to discussing what the sports trading floor will look like in five years’ time, as we have spent around that amount of time investing in that area. Betradar’s Managed Trading Service is built on scalability and cost efficiency, automation, big data and data science, so I am excited to get the chance to talk about these exciting developments at an event that is consistently well respected and well attended. Should be a great gathering this year!”

Langeland, who heads up the rapidly expanding GIG, added: “As an industry stakeholder, it is refreshing to see Betting on Football discuss industry trading complexities and potential future impacts. We must recognise that technology and innovation will affect all key components of the industry’s value chain. It is now, more than ever, vitally important that trading dynamics are discussed and analysed at a leadership level. I look forward to sharing my personal insight on the matter along with the expert panel team SBC have put forward for the show.”

GVC’s Humberstone added: “I am looking forward to speaking at Betting on Football 2017 alongside representatives of GIG and Betradar, two companies that have embraced the increased innovation and technological advancements within the industry. With trading being at the core of what we do at GVC, we are always striving to take advantage of any advances that enhance the way we do business. This is why the Future of Trading Panel is such a great opportunity to discuss the direction in which the industry is moving and what we can do to influence it.”

Danske Spil’s Nielsen commented: “In a 24/7 business, a lot of operators now rely on outsourcing elements of their trading floor. It will be interesting to discuss which way the industry sees this trend going. To which degree will outsourced trading hubs become the norm – and which trading areas will generally be kept in-house?”

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