PRESS RELEASES makes it back to back wins with Best Use of Social Media Award at iGB Awards 2017 for @footballtips Twitter handle

TAGs:, iGB Awards has won the iGaming Business Award for “Best Use of Social Media” for the second successive year, confirming their position as industry leaders in the hugely competitive social media sector of the online gaming industry.

The iGaming Business (iGB) Awards recognise excellence across multiple fields, with awards given to the pioneers and leaders of what is proving to be one of the world’s strongest and fastest growing industries. Millions of pounds are spent each year on online gaming and the companies that work in the industry are at the forefront of technological and stylistic advancements.

Social media is perhaps the most rapidly growing and changing of all the sectors makes it back to back wins with Best Use of Social Media Award at iGB Awards 2017 for @footballtips Twitter Handlet is now a crucial component of all businesses with every company in the world having some sort of presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. The leading firms spend millions on marketing and, according to the iGB Awards, they should look to for inspiration. has completed back-to-back wins in the Best Use of Social Media award due to its consistently excellent campaigns, run particularly on the @footballtips Twitter handle, throughout 2016.

The 2016 Football European Championships was the big sporting event of the year and supplemented their own coverage with a new dedicated website, They increased their staff of professional football journalists to deal with the extra demands and this then allowed them to not only cover the tournament in greater detail than many competitors but also to provide a better social media service to followers.

A full-time presence on the @footballtips Twitter handle was not just maintained throughout Euro 2016 however. ensure that all their social handles are staffed 24/7 365 days per year and this ensures that followers are always able to interact directly with real people, which is something that particularly impressed the iGB Awards judges.

This is seen not only in the discussion of the tips provided for free by the journalists but also in the fact that they run daily competitions, giveaways plus a number of extra features which the followers enjoy. Innovative use of polls, sharing metrics and constantly listening to their community is what has helped to develop and continue to grow and expand its band of dedicated followers.

This devotion to their community is what has set apart from the rest of the online gaming sector for the past two years and followers really feel connected to the journalists and are provided with not only tips on football matches but with fun interactions and a sense of belonging. This is something which many online businesses strive to achieve but few manage. has clearly mastered it and continues to set the standard for others to follow, as indicated by the second successive iGB Award for Best Use of Social Media.

Speaking after receiving the award, editor Thomas Rooney said:

“We are delighted to pick up the award for the second year in a row. It’s validation of our strategy and as social media grows at a pace in an extremely competitive industry, we are really proud to come away with some recognition.”

“Footballtips is growing every single day and our expanding social media audience fits alongside our site perfectly. We’re not settling for what we’ve got though – there’s plenty more to come and we look forward to what the rest of 2017 can bring.”


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