Christian Karlsson: Credit cards ‘best way’ for mobile

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In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Christian Karlsson, head of payments for LeoVegas, explains why credit cards are a key way of getting money into the system.

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Most payment solutions have been built for desktop before it moved to mobile. But sometimes, integrating these solutions to mobile-first platforms don’t work. This is why LeoVegas, a mobile-first casino, is always thinking about how payments are working on mobile.

“If it’s not good on mobile, you’ll never be successful,” Christian Karlsson, head of payments for LeoVegas, told

When asked what payment method works best for mobile, Karlsson said credit cards are the “best way to go” and enable LeoVegas to run “one-click” solution payments.

“Since we’re talking about mobile payments, to get the credit card registered on the customer’s side is really, really important for us especially on a mobile. When you’re playing on mobile you will like the recurring model. When you’ve been playing once, a one-click solution with a really seamless experience is definitely something so important for us,” he explained.

Gambling operators are known to be at the forefront of payment innovations, but Karlsson admitted that he tends to look outside the industry for ideas on how to improve LeoVegas’s payment options.

“We’re looking quite outside our industry because we see that we are on the forefront. We’re looking a bit at, like, Netflix, Uber. These types of companies, I think, are doing a great job,” Karlsson said, adding that he takes not of how these companies get a customer to register their card without actually making a deposit.

For LeoVegas, the key is to make “a really, really good offer,” like giving out bonuses to customers.

“It could be that you have a really, really good offer from start and people getting extra good bonus, for example, if they registered their credit card so once the credit card is registered, the customers log in next time, there’s a really big chance that they’re doing deposits,” Karlsson said.


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