GameCo join ESIC in the fight to stop cheating in eSports

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Skill based video game machine manufacturer, GameCo, has acceded to the eSports Integrity Coalition in their fight to limit the impact of cheating in the burgeoning sport.

GameCo join ESIC in the fight to stop cheating in eSportsOne of the reasons I am so skinny is because when I was a kid, I never ate anything.

Take school dinners as an example.

My Mum gave me £5 per week, but she made the mistake of giving me the lot on Monday morning. On the way to school, I would slip into Sterlini’s cafe and put every penny into a fruit machine called SPOOF.

What I loved about SPOOF was the skill feature. Today, I know that it wasn’t really a skill feature – it was rigged for the house – but when I was a kid, I thought I had a skill edge, and this is why I fed SPOOF instead of my belly.

Today, the element of skill is going to become big business in the casino industry. The kids are getting smarter, the games more advanced, and the thought of sitting down next to a slot machine searching for the melons seems as appealing as sliding down a razor blade using your balls as brakes.

Step forward, GameCo.

This innovative new company has created the patent-pending Video Game Gambling Machine (VGM) that will allow players to gamble on skill-based games against the house.

The games feature racing, first-person shooters (FPS), fighting, Multi-Online Battle Arena (MOBA), sports, and many more skill-based games, where players can make a bet and then try to rack up as many points as possible during the time limit imposed by the machine. Pay tables and leaderboards determine cash prizes.

GameCo Join the eSports Integrity Coalition

With over 75% of casino revenue coming from the old cronies who play slot machines, there is going to be some resistance, and concern, as the VGMs start to take up the prime spots.

In a smart move, GameCo has decided to join the eSports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), to help promote gaming regulation and consumer protection within eSports and the Casino industry.

ESIC Commissioner, Ian Smith (I wonder if he has a big red phone), said that GameCo’s decision to join ESIC in their early stages of development shows that the company has ‘impeccible ethos and values’ and is determined to ‘get things right from day one.’

GameCo will help ESIC spread the word on anti-corruption education with face-to-face presentations at live eSports events, and through interactive sessions with eSports players, management and officials.

I reached out to GameCo to ask if they had plans to host a SPOOF World Championships but they declined to comment.


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