Product Profile: Pariplay Eyeon

Product Profile: Pariplay Eyeon

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Gili Lisani of Eyeon how mobile software solutions may help lure younger players into casinos.

Casino operators are finding themselves racing against time in luring younger generations to play in their brick-and-mortar facilities amid falling revenues. But most of these younger players keeps on ignoring casinos.

In fact, most of these young players find games in casinos boring since they possess “the millennial mentality” wherein they prefer new experiences and social interactions over what they described as “boring slot machines for grandma.”

To capture this market, casino hotels and resorts have steadily upgraded their amenities in the last decade. Slowly, slot machines and money wheels are now looking more like video game arcades.

“A lot of casinos are experiencing some need for young players. They innovate themselves by digitizing the floor,” Gaming technology firm Pariplay Chief Executive Officer GIli Lisani told

According to Lisani, his company has launched a gaming platform dubbed as Eyeon in order to transform Amercian patrons’ casino experience and help the brick-and-mortar facility lure younger players to their sites.

The Eyeon system actually allows casino visitors to download a proprietary, branded app for the casino they are in, which in turn gives the visitors exclusive access to special digital content.

This content includes virtual sports gaming, video bingo, interactive online slots and a host of other top-tier mobile games curated from leading industry developers. Casino customers can even access the games on both iOS and Android systems via a special app on the casino’s own mobile devices.

“Eyeon is there to create an environment for the casino and the premise itself to allow the players to play anywhere, literally, additional content will be presented. Free to play will be presented,” he said. “Everything inside an ecosystem that will create a fence of money-gaming environment and not allow players to play on not permitted premises online basically. So the system itself is intranet and not internet. The system is secured, approved, certified, and hopefully we can make money to casinos.”

The driving idea behind Eyeon, according to Lisani, is to allow Pariplay’s land-based casinos to tap into the explosive growth of the mobile casino scene to enhance the gaming experience of their patrons.

“So the philosophy is complete and not completely offering. So in today’s casinos, most of the games that are placed on the floor are the most successful slots machines that are very nice, very innovative, and the table games, their play will not complete with this offering, rather it will complete this offering with some video bingo games, virtual sports, scratch cards, and instant win games, and some skill-based games,” he said. “Anything that is not based on the floor today will be attractive enough for players, whether the young demographic or the old demographic, just not what the floor has to offer right now.”