Poker player strikes lucky at Leicester Squares Empire Casino

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Poker fan and Italian, Mr Salvador Jorge, celebrates scooping a massive £33,661 win whilst playing the Bad Beat Poker Jackpot at London’s Empire Casino this month. The Bad Beat Jackpot was launched at the Empire Casino in February 2010 and can be won by anyone playing in a dealer dealt Texas Hold’em cash game.  The jackpot is won if your losing hand is four twos or better at showdown.

Poker player strikes lucky at Leicester Squares Empire CasinoThe jackpot was shared between eight players around the table.  Mr Jorge, the jackpot winner, scooped his £33,661 win and second prize was taken by Mr Peter Invasco who took home £16,830.  The remaining six players at the table claimed equal share of £2,806. Meaning a grand total of over £67,000 in winnings.

The Hand:
Button seat 6.
All players except seat 7 is dealt into the hand.

Big blind only seat 8 & seat 9 straddles.
Seat 1 raises £20, seat 4 calls, seat 5 raises £100 seat 9 & 1 call.
3 players see the flop.

FLOP : Kd 5d Ah
Seat 9 & 1 both check. Seat 5 bets all-in for £150. Both Seat 9 & 1 call.
Both seat 9 and 1 check.
Seat 9 bets All-in seat 1 folds.
Seat 9 Shows Kc Ks
Seat 5 Shows Ad Ac

Losing Hand King clubs King spades (BAD BEAT WINNER) 50% £33,661.50 Winning Hand Ace Diamonds Ace Clubs 25% £16,830. 6 remaining players who dealt in the hand 25%/6 £2805

Owned by Caesars Entertainment EMEA, the Empire Casino in the heart of Leicester Square is one of the few UK casinos with a legitimate Vegas connection. Caesars Entertainment EMEA takes great pride in offering its customers the best in gaming that the industry has to offer.

Chris Green, Venue Director at the Empire Casino, says “The Bad Beat jackpot has created a lot of buzz in our Poker Room over the last few weeks, we’ve all been waiting with great anticipation for someone to strike it lucky. The Empire Casino’s poker credentials are second to none, thanks to its unique association with the World Series of Poker Tournament we attract gamers from the four corners of the globe.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is situated in the casinos newly re-furbished Empire Poker Room which is with haste securing its place as the pre-eminent poker room in London. The next jackpot is already starting to mount up again ready for the next winner; a game that has rewarded players with over £1,200,000 since 2010, with the biggest three jackpots won to date standing at £222,335, £128,705 and £118,421.

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– Gordon Moody Association – the charity offers a unique and intensive residential treatment programme in the UK for those gamblers most severely addicted

It also lends support at charitable fundraising events locally, encouraging and supporting employees in multiple diverse charitable endeavours. For more information, please visit site.
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