Eric Pearson: Online casino operators should find their purpose

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In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Eric Pearson of Foxwoods Resort Casino gives new online casino operators pieces of advice on how to become successful in the industry.

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“Why are you doing it?”

Many online casino operators have probably asked this question especially when they find themselves on the verge of leaping into an unfamiliar territory.

But oftentimes, these new operators get easily distracted by the mirage of rewards in front of them that they tend to neglect to answer the question that would help them measure the gap of success. It is a common mistake that leads most new players to the dark, bottomless pit of failure.

Eric Pearson of Foxwoods pointed out that finding purpose in establishing a business is one of the things that new online casino operators should do before venturing into an untested market. Success, he said, starts by asking the question why.

“Start with the question of why. Is it just because my boss wants me to just have an online casino or you really want to jump in the online gaming space and gain confidence in gaming experience for the future,” Pearson told “I think you should start the question with ‘why are you doing it?’ that could really help guide your decision going forward. Know what you want out of it first and then sort of go from there. If you just want to monetize your database there are great solutions to do that. If you really want to build something special for you, there are great solutions for that, too.”

After knowing their purpose, he said it would be best for new online casino operators to educate themselves about the industry. He, however, pointed out that casino operators do not need to enroll themselves in expensive educational institutions in order to learn the craft.

Pearson said a simple widening of network will do the trick of learning new things about the industry.

“Talk to people. You don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money to educate yourself in the space. Go to conferences, network. You’ll find that a lot of folks in the space are very free in giving advice and information,” he said.  “We want other operators to succeed as well. It’s a new thing for casino operators. Many of us have decades of experience working in land base and jumping in the online can a bit be scary. But it doesn’t have to be. So get out there, get the information, network, talk to people, do research and you should be fine.”


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