UltraPlay is now providing odds on Crossfire and HALO

UltraPlay is now providing odds on Crossfire and HALO The leader in eSports UltraPlay is now providing prematch odds on Crossfire and HALO. The advanced betting solutions company has announced that they are releasing the two new extra games which can be found on UltraPlay’s partners ggBet, VitalBet, BetEast and eBettle.

Being the first in releasing betting oppotunities on HALO and Crossfire worldwide, the company has developed one of the best trading platforms for eSports betting and continues to grow everyday. Its dedicated trading team operates to create the best options for every client.

“We are delighted to present two new e-sport headings in our portfolio. The long hours of analyzing both games have finally repaid and the fans of HALO and CrossFire should be eager to find out what we have created for them”, said Peter Ivanov, head eSports trader at Ultraplay. He also mentioned that the Ultraplay’s trading team will be providing coverage for all major competitions and will be bringing new exciting markets for the fans in the near future so stay tuned.