The importance of the Eastern European an Balkans panel – regional co-operation

Wednesday, September 14  2016, Budapest – The organizers discuss the importance of having the Eastern European update panel along with the Balkans update panel.

The importance of the Eastern European an Balkans panel - regional co-operationThe Eastern European online gaming market has witnessed a significant growth during the last two years with the Bulgarian market being the first to regulate accordingly and setting the standard for remote gaming operators that are looking to attract players from the demographic.

This market regulation was expected and it seems that the further we go and anticipate the future of the Eastern European markets, we shall find that all markets are slowly opening up, are being regulated and each of these countries improve the regulations set by its predecessor.

Such is the case of the Romanian market, which can be named as the crown regulated market during the last two year. The market has managed to attract 19 online operators and +200 service provides in just one year and the numbers are expected to triple by the end of 2017.

That being said, we are surely looking forward to an even improved regulation which is going to take effect starting from the 1st of January in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic was always considered a valuable asset for the online gaming industry and we are certain that the operators are already pilling up to hear what the criteria is to be licensed in the demographic.

And while speaking of the Eastern European market, we must not forget Ukraine’s huge online gambling market. Even if the country has gone thorough some great economical struggles, the online gambling market seems to be in everyone’s attention lately, with lots of niches opening up and business seems to be booming.

As the title implies, we have added these two panels in order to facilitate a conversation among the important speakers during the networking sessions and exchange ideas on how the Balkans can benefit of the know-how which has been already created by the already regulated markets in Eastern Europe.

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