Bitcoin sportsbook enjoys Olympics betting boom

26th August, 2016 – Rio 2016 was the most gambled on Olympics ever, according to figures from

Bitcoin sportsbook enjoys Olympics betting boomThe Bitcoin sportsbook enjoyed a bumper Games, with 40 per cent of bets taken during the 16-day event coming on Olympic markets, with tennis and football proving the most popular sports.

Nearly a quarter of all Olympic bets struck in August came on the tennis, with Andy Murray’s gold medal-winning game against Martin Del Potro proving most popular with punters.

Football also commanded a big slice of the action with one in five bets placed on the sport, but perhaps most surprising was the popularity of handball, which saw similar results.

Serbia’s basketball match against America was the most popular individual event of the whole tournament, with Usain Bolt also proving popular with punters looking for a quick thrill.

In-play betting was also at a premium, with 60 per cent of bets struck coming during events. spokesperson Joe Jordan, said: “Rio 2016 has demonstrated just how popular betting on the Olympic Games has become. Not just on tennis and football, but also handball and track events.

“Tennis and football will always prove popular, however it’s the popularity of the so-called lesser sports that is impressive. Nobody would have expected handball to achieve similar volumes as football.”

Bitcoin sportsbook launched in June and boasts over 350,000 pre-match events per year, with a peak of 70,000 events during prime months.

It also features a comprehensive live offering with hundreds of ‘in-play’ markets available on major sports fixtures.