RACE 2016: how can an online casino operator make money on affiliate marketing?

On October 7 Moscow will host the fifth international congress on affiliate marketing – Russian Affiliate Congress 2016. The main topic of the event will be “Affiliate marketing in online gambling”.

International operators and representatives of online casino platforms will tell how to choose correctly an affiliate program and realize the highest profits possible for business.

Competition in online gambling is constantly growing. How to keep your business running? What should be done to ensure the continuous growth of traffic to your gambling resource?

RACE 2016: how can an online casino operator make money on affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing has become the main source of traffic for online casinos today. The main idea of the affiliate program in gambling industry is the casino operator acting as an advertiser, and the affiliate acting as a publisher. Since the information space is continuously growing, such type of marketing is one of the most efficient nowadays.

Primarily, if you want your affiliate program to be productive, you need to ensure the high quality of your project. If there are glitches in the operation of your gambling resource, if it has unimpressive design or poor assortment of games, affiliate marketing won’t bring the desired results.

After you eliminate all deficiencies of your online casino or realize that your project is perfect, start thoroughly searching for an affiliate program. Attention should be paid to everything:  does the program specialize in gambling segment, what reputation it has, what opportunities it opens for your business, is it convenient to manage the performance of publishers with the help of this program. Have you found out all what you needed? Then it’s time to begin the collaboration with affiliates.

Remember that you are the one to dictate terms of the affiliate program to publishers in gambling segment. Don’t offer the highest price for the traffic brought to your website, assess the sum that will be advantageous for your business.

You can learn more information about affiliate marketing for online casinos at the Russian Affiliate Congress. Follow its program on the official website of the event: http://race-expo.ru/en.

During the Russian Affiliate Congress you will find out:

• How to increase the traffic to your online casino with the help of affiliate marketing.

• Which affiliate program you should choose for gambling: a universal or a special one.

• How operator can build the most beneficial form of collaboration with a publisher.

• Why are there cases when the affiliate program does not bring results and how to fix it.

We look forward to seeing you during the congress dedicated to affiliate marketing – RACE, which will take place in Moscow, on October 7. You can buy tickets for the conference here: http://race-expo.ru/en.