The Bookmaker Batting for Tennis

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Launched in March 2015, is the first bookmaker dedicated exclusively to the sport of tennis. We asked Vincent Leonard, sports book manager at the site, to explain the philosophy behind this niche approach.

The Bookmaker Batting for TennisTennis may not be the first sport that comes to mind when you think of sports betting, but it is a sport with a global following and, while the ATP Tour tends to dominate the headlines, there are always numerous events taking place around the world at any one time.

In the UK, interest in the sport has been boosted massively in recent years by the emergence of Andy Murray as a global force in the game, winning three grand slams (including two Wimbledon titles), an Olympic gold medal and helping Great Britain to its first Davis Cup triumph since 1936.

Betting on tennis is a much larger market than most imagine, eclipsed by only football and racing. It attracts seasoned punters with a passion and knowledge of the sport. These are the sort of people who JAbet caters for, offering a unique online betting solution, with the lowest margins and fastest updates, that none of our mainstream competitors can claim to emulate.

Our site is built around sophisticated proprietary pricing software, developed over 10 years and backed up by a team of 14 traders who share the same passion and knowledge as the punters. The platform was originally developed as a B2B tool for tennis modelling, but we realised it also offered potential as a betting platform in its own right for back and lay tennis betting.

At the core of the JAbet business model is a dedication to simplicity. Our technology is both clever and complex under the hood, but punters only see the end result. We are committed to offering the best value prices, with no commission and no charges, so our customers can focus on selecting and placing their bets.

Punters who choose to focus on tennis tend to take a serious approach to the sport, which is why we have stripped out free play and bonus gimmicks in favour of a low margin, best price commitment. We do offer price boosts where the price has moved in the punter’s favour, but the overall offering takes a very ‘back to basics’ approach, which is borne by our high customer retention levels.

Finally, and in contrast to most of our competitors, we actively welcome winners. This means we will not close or restrict winning accounts and we go out of our way to share the knowledge and insight provided by our trading team, currently through Twitter and shortly through an online blog as well.

We currently have plans to add football to the JAbet platform at some point in the next year, but our core approach will not change. We’re not going for the mass market, but for those who take their betting and their sport seriously we can deliver a new type of bookmaker experience.

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