Adam Savinson: Communication in eSports betting is absolutely essential

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Adam Savinson of Win Technologies shares to’s Rebecca Liggero some tips on how affiliates can successfully market their products to eSports audience.

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We’ve all heard this adage before: “Unless you have walked in their shoes, you’ll never know what they are going through.”

This nugget of wisdom, which has been passed on from one generation to another, is now being applied by Win Technologies’ Adam Savinson not only as a virtuous reminder to himself but also as a guide on how to run a business.

Savinson pointed out that it is important for online marketers to recognize that each eSports client has unique needs in order for them to be able to provide the best services to them. A clear and open communication between the marketers and clients is also needed in order for the business to become a success, Savinson said.

“I think the most important thing to think about when trying to market through an eSports customer is try to take a walk on their shoes. This isn’t the generic sports betting customer,” Savinson told “They don’t necessarily know all of the lingos so communication is absolutely essential. For example, wagering requirements, an eSports customer may not necessarily know what that means so you need to handhold eSports customers through to your platform.”

He also believes that going ahead of the curve and predict the trends in the eSports industry will also bode well for the technology and services provider. Savinson said that the eSports trend is now moving slowly toward the mobile platform.

The executive cited the case of eSports social video platform Twitch, which has been slightly moving away from a predominantly desktop platform toward mobile handsets.

“It’s interesting because when you think about the demographic of eSports fans and eSports bettors, you’re 18 to 30 they must be absolutely huge with mobile. But in reality for betting, that isn’t the case the moment,” Savinson said. “That hasn’t necessarily reflected in the betting platforms yet but I believe it is going to go that way just like how sports betting traditionally started at desktop, move slowly towards mobile, free game move slowly towards in-play, its exactly the same process.”


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