Product Profile – SpotOption

Product Profile - SpotOption

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Kerry Gan of SpotOption discusses how stock market and casino can co-exist with each other.

Is investing in the stock market just like gambling at a casino?

Most gaming players see the stock market as a capitalist casino where gambling wears a thin mask called investing. They see the likes of businessmen Michael Bloomberg or Warren Buffet to be playing a more respectable version of Texas Hold’em when they put their money in stocks.

Traders and academicians, however, disagree with the notion that playing in the stock market is like putting all your money in some game of blackjack, especially with their discriminating take on the industry.

As the debate rages on, there’s another group of people emerging from the rubbles of the heated discourse. These are the businessmen – like Kerry Gan of SpotOption – who see that economics can go side-by-side with the gambling industry.

Gan believes that the gambling industry and the market players can learn something from each other if both sides would only stop debating, and he hoped that through his product, people will learn that trading can be fun and entertaining like playing in the casino.

“Like our current product, it’s not only for entertainment; it is also more of a little bit of financial trading. Some of the traders will think that, OK, that is not pure luck but rather their so-called technical skills. I think that some of their so-called trading experience maybe trigger another kind of business,” Gan told

“I believe that the spot machine is one of the very unique product, which is a combination of the trading and also entertainment, we call it trading entertainment, so this will be the next generation of the game,” he added.

According to Gan, their new product gives players the sense of feeling that they are as if investing in either stock market or commodities like bullion, gold, silver, and oil.
He plans to make the machine available not only in casinos but in other public places such as coffee shops and club houses.

“So keeping this machines is wonderful, and not only is it very unique for those people in the company who like to have the unique features and the machines, to the traders,” he said.