Lord of Poker Aiming to be the World’s First Role Playing Poker Game

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A couple of video gaming and poker enthusiasts from Belarus aim to create the world’s first role-playing poker game called Lord of Poker and are taking to Kickstarter in a bid to turn their dreams into reality.

Gaming intelligence kingpins Newzoo has estimated that brands looking for the right marketing angle will invest $325m into eSports by the end of the year. eSports teams will net $128m, and $197m will find its way into eSports video content.

Thanks to big-time investors like Mark Cuban, Shaquille O’Neal and Alex Rodriguez, and the interest of 33.4 million eSports fans in the United States alone, major brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Intel are willing to increase that figure to $800m by the end of 2019.

The world of poker has already taken a keen interest led by the Duracell Bunny that is Alexandre Dreyfus. The enigmatic Frenchman is betting his reputation on the success of the Global Poker League (GPL) – a new format of poker that is heavily influenced by live eSports events.

So far the pomp and circumstance have been exciting. It feels like the heralding of a new dawn. But at the end of the day, it all rests on the product. How will the fans relate to the game?

Lord of Poker Aiming to be the World's First Role Playing Poker Game

[Screen grabbed from Lord of Poker’s Trailer]

And therein lies the problem.

I don’t think poker is strong enough as a game to attract the level of interest that will move the deck of 52 into the same league as some of the biggest eSports in the world.

I believe Dreyfus knows this also, and that’s why he has created HoldemX. He is taking poker to a whole new level by sprinkling it with magical eSports dust. I can see a future where the GPL becomes a league that solely focuses on HoldemX. Poker will be left behind.

HoldemX is Not Alone; Welcome to the Fray The Lord of Poker

Dreyfus and HoldemX are not standing alone.

A pair of friends from Belarus have also begun to integrate their love of poker and eSports to create a game they are marketing as the ‘world’s first- role poker game’ known as The Lord of Poker.

Marketing and advertising guru Alexander Petukh has teamed up with professional poker player Alexander Bernat to create a game they believe will ‘raise your soul and check your mind.’

The Lord of Poker is a role-playing poker game (RPPG) that combines the game of poker with a fantasy card system. You begin by selecting a character and class, and then immerse yourself in a fantasy world where you will use powerful spells and unique items to beat the hell out of your opponents.

The game will be available for Windows and Mac OSX PC users, and Xbox ONE, PS4 and Android. The plan is to charge a $10 monthly subscription fee. There are no plans yet to be able to play for the game for real money.

The team is currently looking for financing on Kickstarter. They need $100,000 so they can work full-time on the project and promise to invest the money ‘exclusively on the development of the game.’

Here is a link to that fundraiser.

At the time of writing, 56 people have raised $1,790, so they need all the help you can throw their way.


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