Laurent Malka talks the importance of traffic management for affiliates

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In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Laurent Malka explains how TrackingDesk makes lives easier for affiliates.

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As an affiliate, making the most of your traffic is essential, especially now that it’s getting trickier to make a buck in today’s iGaming market compared to 10 years ago. So how can affiliates squeeze more revenue out of their existing campaigns?

The answer, according to Laurent Malka, lies in better traffic management.

“First of all, you need to collect data about the traffic, whether its keywords, then you need to redirect this traffic based on all sorts of parameters such as the device, such as the keywords, such as the countries, the IP, the operating systems of the users. Then you need to aggregate the reports and be able to analyze those reports, and then you can optimize and test different campaigns,” Malka told

To achieve this, there are lots of “free” tools available in the market today, but Malka actually built an operating system for affiliates. TrackingDesk, Malka’s latest venture, is essentially a one-stop shop that makes lives easier for affiliates.

“We try to make the affiliates’ lives easier so we’ve integrated pretty much every single aspect of the traffic management into one single platform. We removed all the technical barriers and allowed the user, the affiliates, to stay on one platform instead of jumping from one place to another, you know, to make report on one side or you know to run the traffic on the other side, to all at the analytics on the other side,” Malka explained. “We try to help the user stay focused on marketing, on traffic instead of jumping from place to place.”

Not a lot of affiliates have huge budgets that they can use to spend on things like traffic management. Still, Malka believes spending a bit shouldn’t be a deal breaker for affiliates.

“First of all, there are not really free products like this. All of them have some sort of a cost, whether it’s hosting or whether it’s service that you need to pay,” he said. “Our services is fairly cheap, the starting price is $100 per month for 1 million clicks per month. In the gaming industry the $100 should not be a factor that makes or breaks the deal. The fact that we run on the cloud computing, like Google and Amazon, allows us to be extremely scalable and extremely cheap to run on those platform, so our price is very friendly, I believe. I don’t think that should be at any point a factor in the decision making process for an affiliate.”


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