Joe Stapleton Joins Poker Night in America

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European Poker Tour commentator Joe Stapleton has joined the team at Poker Night in America. Stapleton will feature in Season 4 of the show. He will not be leaving his beloved PokerStars.

Did you watch the Global Poker League (GPL) Draft the other night?

Joe Stapleton Joins Poker Night in AmericaHow good was it?

I thought it was top notch, and one of the reasons was the antics of the four members of the panel: Eric Danis, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and the man holding the conductors stick Joe Stapleton.

I must admit; I don’t watch much poker on TV these days. I guess as a writer of poker I should watch more. But it’s crap. Stuck in the deep, dark nostalgia of Late Night Poker I don’t seem to be able to shake the haze.

That might change after watching Stapleton perform the other night. I thought he was outstanding. His wit was as sharp as a piranha’s love bite, he wasn’t afraid to rattle the cages of two of the biggest names in poker, always seemed to have an arm around Danis, and most of all, saw spots where he could pull the pin on a Hellmuth and Negreanu grenade, sit back and watch it go off.

So it’s little wonder that Poker Night in America (PNIA) has decided to hire Stapleton for the fourth season of the highly popular show. Stapes will jump into the sidecar. Chris Hanson will do the driving. They begin shooting in April.

Does this mean Stapleton will be leaving the television screens of European Poker Tour (EPT) viewers?

Not on your nelly.

“We can’t wait to get Joe up and running,” Todd Anderson, President of Poker Night production company Rush Street Productions told Robbie Strazynski over at Cardplayer Lifestyle. “I’ve been a fan of his for many years and think he will be a very entertaining addition to the program.”

Stapleton said he was thrilled to be back in front of a US TV audience.

The first three seasons of PNIA have been so successful the team at Rush Productions recently decided to launch a second show called The Final Table. The new format will carry with it a powerhouse of a commentary line up with Maria Ho, David Tuchman, Jason Somerville, and Phil Hellmuth calling the action.


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