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As, prepares a full turn key white label offering, Lee Davy sits down with a few members of the team to get the lowdown on the current state of affairs.

eSports is the future and humans have been gambling on sports ever since sheep knuckles were thrown against a wall in anger. So if you are a fully automated P2P eSports wagering platform, the sun always shines on your TV.

The team at is in such a position.

Let’s find out what they have to say. is now a fully automated P2P eSports wagering platform where game results are taken directly from game servers. What does this mean to the layman and what is its relevance? offers complete P2P eSports white label solution to market“In simple terms the platform has the capability to detect the results of video game contests automatically for a select few titles. Many P2P eSports wagering platforms rely on users submitting game results manually thus giving rise to concerns about match result procedures.

“ will allow customers to play in individual games or tournaments via our own dedicated servers, a system which ultimately allows our platform to control the game play environment. Indeed, we’re able to white list players into specific games, record game play and upload results from games direct to without the need for manual player submission. These features ensure that users can be confident that nothing can go wrong in terms of the allocation of prizes to winners following the completion of a game.

“By running our own infrastructure we’re able to offer up cool game formats for players. With it is entirely possible to run a game in which 16 people simultaneously battle it out to avoid elimination every 2 minutes or for 8 people to play against each other with the winner being the one with the highest score after 10 minutes.

“Essentially we’re looking to create exciting game formats in the eSports space which encourage quick fire exciting play for the end user.” intends to offer out the platform via a complete turn key white label solution. Once again, what does this mean to the average Joe who wants to play video games and earn some money in the meantime? Also, what advantages does it give you as a company?

“By offering the Gaimerz platform in a white label format, we are looking to integrate with companies who have established user bases and who are looking to offer those customers another exciting product to try. Partnering with sports books and online casinos for example, provides them with an additional avenue by which to attract a new sector of customers and to be seen to be at the forefront of a new wave of peer to peer eSports wagering.

“From an integration perspective, the Gaimerz team have prepared a product which is flexible to the needs of the client. From providing partners with a custom site skin and game servers to deploying all of our payment processing options and admin functionality, we are pleased to be able to offer a white label product which can sit as a stand alone product or as one which sits comfortably within other websites.

“For video gamers who want to earn money this provides them with an opportunity to do so through channels that they may already be familiar with. Integrating the platform into existing websites increases the overall user numbers meaning more opportunities for gamers to meet other like minded individuals to challenge online.

“As a company, the white label solution gives the potential to reach a significant audience which is already experienced in online wagering and familiar with the companies in question. Endorsement of the product through a partnership of this kind, increases the brand trust and authority whilst crucially, opens up the platform to a still greater potential user base.” team are able to create all sorts of game formats for clients / partners. Can you give me some examples of formats you have created/have in the pipeline?

“Taking Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as an example. we are able to provide partners with a variety of gameplay formats to suit their specific requests. From a straight knock-out tournament featuring a handful of players, all the way up to a 34 man ‘death match’ tournaments. With variables including tournament size, maps, game duration, skill rankings and entry procedures, bespoke competitions can be created and tailored to meet user demand.

“We have formats that cater for a large number of players at anyone time which enables our partners to engage their customers in regular competitions with enticing prize pools and numerous opportunities for entrants to win money playing the video games they love.” white label legal situation – skilled gaming classification means entry into U.S with our platform is possible as well as Asia / S.America. What work do you have to do to keep up with the rules and regulations globally? How do you know you are within the lines of this grey legal area.

“ is truly a monetary exchange between legitimate human output and direct energy from the user with no outside (third party) influence on play. Our product falls under the skilled gaming category because the allocation of prizes is determined by the ability of one player to beat another player / players at a technical game in which results are not influenced by luck (gambling).

“Obviously plenty of legal due diligence has occurred in terms of assessing the suitability of the product in key markets across the globe, including the United States. In simple terms the absence of chance in dictating the allocation of prizes ensures that we’re able to offer this product either directly to customers, or via our partners, in many key countries across the globe.

“From a white label perspective, the management team think that the product will present an interesting option for established online gaming operators who are looking to enter the eSports market. The ability to openly run a product like in regions of the globe which may not be accessible because of gambling regulations opens up substantial additional revenue streams for operators.”

Have you got many potential white label deals in the pipeline for 2016?

“We’ve been approached by a number of established names in the online gaming world with respect to preparing white labels.

“With the freedom the platform has in terms of accessing key markets across the globe, we hope to be able to enter into discussions with more operators from across the online gaming / eSports / video gaming sectors about licensing deals in the very near future.”

What sort of video game lends itself best to the P2P wagering format?

“We think that the best sort of games for the P2P format are those which result in one clear person or team winning in a relatively short period of time. The P2P model lends itself well to quick fire rounds so as to keep the intensity and excitement levels high!

“At our initial roster of automated result verification games include Counter Strike GO, CoD MW2 and LoL. We’ll be adding more to our roster in the coming months but for now we think that these games will enable operators to create contests which involve lots of players at any one time in a competitive tournament scenario.

“Those playing in competitive games like to be able to state who is the best and with that in mind we’re also big fans of games which focus strictly on 1v1 play. This sort of game makes it easy to declare who has the most skill and we think such games will fit excellently into the eSports space moving forward. We’ll certainly be adding such games to our roster as and when we can!”

Can you give us an insight to the demographic of players using your service?

“We’ve had players from all over the world register and sign up to our basic site at Indeed, it has been encouraging to see interest in our site from South America right through to Russia and we’d like to think that such information provides potential white label partners with a glimpse of the sort of reach that they can get by working with us.”

Is there anything else you would like to share at this time?

“The team have worked hard on creating a product which can scale, is secure and is flexible enough to meet the demands of potential partners. By focusing on adaptability, both in terms of infrastructure and the game play options which can be created via the platform, we think we’ve created a platform which can cater to the specific needs of a variety of different target audiences.”


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