Booming Games’ Brand New Feature: The Rotator

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Proven formulas work, and players love reveling in familiarities such as the 5 X 3 grid. But sometimes, we at Booming Games feel constrained by the old structures, and need to takeoff into the unknown.

Booming Games' Brand New Feature: The RotatorWe want games that have that universal slot machine appeal—with all its special features and bonuses—but we also want to roll out something totally unique. Players love extra features, especially when they get second chances to win on a single bet. So we asked out innovation experts, how can we offer a new feature to entice players, while also presenting a completely novel visual experience?

Just in time for ICE Totally Gaming, kicking off February 02nd in London, we’re dropping the Rotator Feature. We’ve crunched the gameboard to an unconventional 4×4 grid, which might sound square at first, but wait until you trigger the Rotator. Watch the entire gameboard come unstuck from the background and rotate 90 degrees: the symbols have all been repositioned, but the left-to-right paylines remains fixed, thereby giving your players a second chance to win off of one single spin.

For our first theme to showcase our Rotator, we’ve created Galactic Speedway: set in a retro futuristic interstellar jet-powered sports car, Galactic Speedway is sure to captivate both old school slot fans as well as the next generation of gamers. We always aim to keep all markets in our sights, including the young adult players who prefer the fast, action-packed graphics of video games. Galactic Speedway, with the unique Rotator feature, is a sure shot in combining the pure entertainment factor of action video games with the unstoppable appeal of casino gaming. Other upcoming themes to include the Rotator feature is our Roaring 20s Art-Deco theme: Chicago Nights, also to be released around the time of ICE Totally Gaming.

Booming Games is a leading B2B provider of proprietary content for the gaming industry, and forms the core creative department of the larger JUMA Group, which also includes platform provider Entergaming. The company was founded in 2013 by several partners, all with mixed professional experience ranging from the finance, entertainment, tourism, and land-based casino industries. Since their industry debut at 2014’s ICE Totally Gaming in London, Booming Games has had several integrations with international operators as well as more than doubled their portfolio of content.


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