NagaWorld at the Forefront of Growth of MMA in Asia

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As the sport of mixed martial arts steadily grows in popularity in Asia, organizations such as ONE Championship, the largest in the region, and hospitality and gaming powerhouse NagaWorld have reaped the benefits of the boom.

NagaWorld at the Forefront of Growth of MMA in AsiaFor ONE Championship’s CEO Victor Cui, developing the largest sports media property in Asia was no easy task, but the brilliant entrepreneur did so with a fervor and passion for mixed martial arts which elevated him and the company to unprecedented heights.

The first ONE Championship show which took place in 2011 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium surprised many observers as the event quickly packed the rafters. Today, ONE has signed multiple world champions in its elite stable of fighters, including the best that Asian MMA has to offer.

In the same breath of brilliance, when you talk about NagaWorld it is usually equated with excellence and innovation.

Deriving its name from the mythical fable of a 7-headed snake or “Naga”, the majestic snake was believed to be residing in the rivers and guarding the entrance to Phnom Penh.  The tale revealed its only sighting during the appearance of a rainbow and was thus considered highly auspicious.  Reminiscent of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, NagaWorld was likened to a promising symbol of new beginnings and prosperity.

When MMA first came to Asia, it also represented a new beginning for the sport. MMA had already enjoyed huge success in North America, but the vast potential for the sport in Asia economically and logistically was just too evident. It was only a matter of time.

The difference is there, assuredly. MMA in Asia isn’t focused so much on the biggest names in the sport, but rather, in the grassroots — in developing local fighters, building their fanbase and creating a locally known brand.

In the spirit of giving aid to young, aspiring MMA athletes, NagaWorld sponsored two fighters — Chan Rothana and Sam Ang Dun — to develop their skills at one of the best MMA gyms in the region, Tiger Muay Thai, located in Phuket, Thailand.

The two fighters were thankful for the opportunity, and have each improved their overall skill set enough to be able to compete internationally.

As a hotel group, NagaWorld has attracted a broad range of guests from the free-spirited holiday maker seeking a comfortable refuge, to the intrepid world traveller, to the entertainment connoisseur. NagaWorld, Phnom Penh is the first and best-in-class integrated Hotel, entertainment complex in fast-emerging Cambodia, owned by holding company – NagaCorp, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

This makes NagaWorld the best possible partner in developing MMA in the region, because of the company’s wide reach and influence.

Undeniably, NagaWorld’s efforts in developing MMA both locally and abroad are beginning to show their benefits. Together with ONE Championship, they have planted the seeds for a brighter future, and are ready to see the fruits of their labor unfold.


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