Rob Weisz on introducing mobile payments in the online gambling industry

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Fonix CEO Rob Weisz and’s Rebecca Liggero discuss where the opportunity lies for online gambling companies when it comes to charge-to-mobile billing.

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Mobile billing services is the way forward, according to industry experts.

Rob Weisz, CEO of Fonix, believes the online gambling sector presents many opportunities when it comes to charge-to-mobile billing.

“We’ve launched a number of online casino businesses and products and mobile, whereby adding mobile charge to products within the suite of payment options in the cashier is providing a huge opportunity for those operators to acquire users in a really efficient manner,” Weisz told

Customers, however, are still wary about adding things to their mobile bill. Weisz believes educating the users on mobile payments will make a huge difference in terms of perception and acceptance.

“Nobody needs the bill shock. Nobody needs to open up their phone bill in a month’s time and find £5,000 credit on to their phone bills,” he noted.

For instance, Weisz said a user that taps at least £30 a day can be enticed to move to credit cards that has monthly caps.

Outside the gambling industry, Weisz said mobile payments—offered through pop ups—have seen huge turnout rates in terms of credit card signups.

“We’ve launched a number of examples across sectors where at the point where they do turn providing a pop up… it’s sort of 13 clicks of button to get yourself back in there and it really draws people back in,” he explained.


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