Real Madrid Star Questioned Over Sex Tape Blackmail Plot

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French police are questioning Real Madrid star Karim Benzema in connection with an alleged sex tape blackmail plot against his fellow French colleague Matthieu Valbuena.

Real Madrid Star Questioned Over Sex Tape Blackmail PlotKarim Benzema is spending the night behind bars after being questioned by French police in connection with a conspiracy to blackmail Lyon player Matthieu Valbuena.

Benzema’s legal team issued a statement declaring their client’s innocence and to assert he was only helping with enquiries. Benzema is said to have freely walked into a police station in Versailles to help with the case.

The French press has reported that someone stole a video of Valbuena involved in a sexual act. It was on his mobile phone. It’s unknown whether Valbuena was caught with his pants down in the presence of male, female or bestial company.

Valbuena is currently in a relationship with Fanny Lafon. Rest assured there will be fanny on the tape. I’m not quite so sure it will be that fanny. If it’s not, then, blackmailers will be the least of his worries.

Benzema isn’t the only person under investigation.

Police arrested three other men. One of them is allegedly a friend of Benzema’s brother, and another is a close friend of Valbuena and thought to be the main culprit behind the theft of the video.

In October, former Liverpool star Djibril Cisse was also arrested in connection with the case but released without charge. Ironically, Cisse was also blackmailed when a personal sex tape found its way into the wrong hands. Cisse’s blackmailers wanted €100,000 but they only got their hands on €7,000 before the police were involved and arrests made.

Last year, Benzema and Bayern Munich star Franck Ribery were cleared of having sex with an underage prostitute. It’s not illegal to pay for sex in France. Consenting individuals have to be 18+. The court heard that Zahia Dehar was 16 when she had sex with Benzema, and 17 when she had sex with Ribery. The court cleared both players. There was no way to prove the allegations.


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