SEO Tip of the Week: Black Hat Exposed – Ranking with No Links

SEO Tip of the Week: Black Hat Exposed - Ranking with No Links

90 Digital CEO Nick Garner talks about Black hat exposed – Parasite SEO in this edition of’s SEO Tip of the Week.

Summary: there are a lot of websites in iGaming which seem to rank really well with no links. Of course, engagement rank (something I’ve talked about before) can kick in and help you rank with very few links. But for a lot of spammy websites, it’s unlikely they’re going to get much engagement. So how can a website rank with no links? It’s because they are hidden…

Tip 1: if they want to rank on Google, Google has to be able to see the website and the links going to it. So an easy way to see who is linking into a website is to use the search operator that way, you can get a sample of the kind of links going into the site.

Tip 2: if tools like majestic or ahrefs cannot see any links, but Google does, you know they’re up to something.

Tip 3: how these spammers hide their websites from majestic and other link crawlers… They have a list of crawlers which they add to their htaccess files (think of an htaccess file as a set of commands for a server) the server then blocks the bot and that’s it, no information retrieval. However, they don’t block Google because if they did they would rank on Google.