PPC Tip of the Week: PPC Campaigns for Sportsbook

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The Media Image’s Manny Berndorfler talks about PPC Campaigns for Sportsbook in this edition of’s PPC Tip of the Week.

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Hi I’m Manny Berndorfler, I lead the search team at The Media Image and this is my PPC tip of the the week! Today we’re looking at what to focus on for running an effective sportsbetting campaign on PPC…

The main point to consider when running campaigns in this market is the sporting calendar –  starting out with strong projectio

ns around the key events for a given period will provide the backbone for all optimisations and planning.

Conversion rates fluctuate drastically with the sporting calendar which requires constant attention on the bidding side of things – a keyword that worked great a CPC of £30 on Saturday, is unlikely to deliver equally solid performance on a Thursday with no sports coverage.  If you’re relying on automated bid rules it’s these fluctuations that will make it almost impossible for these to work properly – as such we prefer manual intervention which allows us to A LOT more reactive to the market.

The other main challenge on SB is maintaining RELEVANCE – with markets changing all the time, PPC needs to be very closely aligned with the trading team so that offers can be promoted effectively. Having a good or market leading offer can drastically boost performance, but does require that all activity is updated with ad copy and an offer specific landing page!


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