Fed up being a loser? “Let’s Beat the Bookies!” says OLBG.com

Fed up being a loser? “Let’s Beat the Bookies!” says OLBG.com

London, UK. September 2015. Refusing to take bookmaker odds at face value, OLBG.com, UK’s biggest free sports betting tips site, are fighting back!

Fed up being a loser? “Let’s Beat the Bookies!” says OLBG.com“In true David and Goliath style, underdog OLBG is going head-to-head with the big boy bookies”, says OLBG’s spokesperson, Dean Goddard. “And, the great news is, we are helpinglots of punters to beat the bookies. Our customers are telling us OLBG tips have helped them find more winners”.

Their sports betting tips app has been downloaded almost 500k times, with 90% of its reviews rating the app 4 or 5 stars.

“Did a seven fold Accumulator today and within half an hour I had 7/7 from tips within the app!” stated one reviewer.

OLBG aims to provide a simple way to get the best sports tips, saving punters time and helping them to get more winners.

OLBG’s new tagline, ‘Let’s Beat the Bookies!’, sums up the ethos of the tipping community.

Thousands of OLBG tipsters research and analyse the daily sports betting markets, providing their tips and rationale. This data is available for free via the OLBG websites and apps.

“Our success shows that punters want to bet smarter and know that having solid facts and figures to back up a betting decision is the only way to go,” says Goddard.

The sports betting tips community has been causing bookmakers some discomfort since its launch in 2002 and now wants to spread the word further and help more punters make better bets.

OLBG’s first TV advert celebrates the sites 13th year and heads the ‘Let’s Beat the Bookies’ campaign. It pokes fun at the bookmakers, showing a playoff between fictional football teams ‘Bookies United’ and ‘OLBG’. The advert launches today [9th September 2015] and will be shown after the 9pm watershed on ITV4, Dave, Sky Atlantic, Film4, Watch, Spike, Eurosport and other stations.

Also supporting the campaign are a fleet of OLBG taxis featuring the TV ad’s football freestyler character, John Whetton.

To get the best sports betting tips visit OLBG.com.

Customer Testimonials

“Heard about this app off a mate. For someone who doesn’t have the best of luck in the bookies he won on 8/10 horses. Amazing tips and app”

“Love this app – been using for a month now and have won just shy of £1000 for £50 staked. Keep up the good work!! X”

“Made me a lot of money over the years. Simple interface that gives access to hundreds of tips every day. Recommend”

● OLBG’s new campaign ‘Let’s Beat the Bookies’ launches 9th September 2015 with their first TV Advert

● OLBG is a free, simple way to get the best sports tips, saving you time and helping you get more winners.

● OLBGs tips app has been downloaded almost 500k times and has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5. [Check]

● Link to TV Advert on OLBG

● For more info please visit OLBG’s Mediaroom or contact us using below details.

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