SEO Tip of the Week: Online Reputation Management

SEO Tip of the Week: Online Brand Reputation

90 Digital CEO Nick Garner talks about Online Reputation Management in this edition of’s SEO Tip of the Week.

Summary: I use 1-2-3 all the time of clients:

1. do what you do well

2. check out well

3. go and promote

It’s important to check out well. But how important is brand for you? An easy way to work this out is to use SEMrush , a really powerful tool for looking at search rankings for any site on its database. It now tracks something like 105 million domains across 26 country territories. So it’s very likely your site is in its index.

Tip: a simple rule of thumb for whether you or your competitors rely heavily on brand traffic, you can say that if 30% or more of your traffic comes in from brand searches, then brand really matters to you.

When you start looking at various companies, you will see that great brands like 888 or bet365 have an overwhelming amount of brand traffic. If you are an affiliate, it’s much harder to build this brand equity.

Tip: have a look through your brand results and ask yourself this question: “would I buy from this brand based on what I see?”. If your honest answer is no, then it’s time to do some online reputation management.