It’s Game Time – Ladbrokes

It's Game Time - Ladbrokes

Monday has been revealed as the new Friday after a survey by Ladbrokes Games showed a noticeable shift in online gaming patterns – with Monday evening taking over from Friday as the most popular time to play.

It's Game Time - LadbrokesThroughout 2014, Friday evening between 8pm and 9pm was the most popular time to game online, however this has now shifted to 6pm on a Monday.

The survey also revealed that 13% of people have played online while on a date and 11% have logged on at a wedding. A further 13% have played at a christening.

The most unusual times at which people have played mobile games:

1.  At work (35%)

2.  On a date (13%)

3.  At a christening (13%)

4.  At a wedding (11%)

They don’t want quotes so shall we include a bit more detail on where/when people game? Only if you think it would be of interest:

When it comes to where people game in the home, the living room is the first choice for half (50%) of all gamers, followed by the bedroom (18%).

Gamers in Birmingham are most likely to team up with their other half and play mobile games together, while those in Edinburgh (24%) prefer to get their work colleagues in on the action.

Cities with couples most likely to game together:

1.  Birmingham (35%)

2.  Edinburgh (35%)

3.  Bristol (32%)

4.  Glasgow (31%)

5.  London (27%)

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Based on the results of an independent survey carried of 1000 UK residents, carried out May 2015