Danish Online Poker Gets Open Face Chinese Games Courtesy of TonyBet Poker

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TonyBet Poker has become the first online poker room to launch an Open Face Chinese product in Denmark, and also have plans to host live events in the near future.

Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC). It’s not a game that Elon Musk would spend any time developing if he was an online poker magnate. But he’s not. He’s the Rocket Man.

The reason Musk wouldn’t spend anytime nurturing this little baby is because it’s a game with finite outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI) architecture is gathering pace like the little shuttles that speed across the Playa, before 70,000 people Danish Online Poker Gets Open Face Chinese Games Courtesy of TonyBet Pokershow up swallowing psychedelic drugs like smarties and swinging wobbly bits.

None of that has stopped TonyBet Poker from continuing its crusade to be the leading intelligence when it comes to the online form of OFC poker. It prides itself on the notion that it is the world’s largest OFC poker site, and the stage light under which it swelters is moving into Denmark.

PokerNews broke the story that TonyBet Poker will become the first online poker room to offer OFC in Denmark. They are one of 13 licensed online poker rooms that have paid the necessary fees to do business in the land of bacon.

Despite the news, TonyBet is not a new brand for Denmark. Tony G’s gang have been offering a sports betting and online casino product since May 2013. Danish punters love a bit of online casino gambling as was proven when in June the Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden (I have just spat on my laptop screen) revealed that revenue had risen 12% year-on-year, and online casino was the principle reason with a 22% rise.

TonyBet Representative Sune Hansen also told PokerNews that they have plans to host live OFC events in Denmark in the near future. TonyBet held the first-ever OFC World Championships in Prague, Dec 2014: Mikal Blomlie beat 102 entrants to take the €35,000 first prize in the €1,100 Main Event, and PokerStars Mindsports Ambassador, Jennifer Shahade, beat 23 entrants to win the €100,000 first prize in the €10,000 High Roller.

It’s all gravy for the moment, but there are lumps in it. Computational structures will get more complex, algorithms will adapt, and neuromorphic recursive self-improvement will ensure that one day in the not too distant future all of these games will be beaten by some robot called Chappie.

But why worry about all of that nonsense?

By the time robots have figured out how to beat Jennifer Shahade in OFC, and the whole world starts to resemble a burning pile of ash, we’ll wheel out Arnold Schwarzenegger, whack an exoskeleton suit on him, hand him a leather jacket, dusty boots, and a pair of shades, and watch him take those motherfuckers down!


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