PokerStars Open A 2nd Pop Up Kitchen; it’s Time to Make Jimmy Fricke a Member of Team Pro

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PokerStars All-In Kitchen are back with a second course of culinary delights, after deciding to open a pop-up kitchen in Bristol, designed to give winning punters a free gob of grub.

PokerStars piss me off sometimes.

PokerStars Open A 2nd Pop Up Kitchen; its Time to Make Jimmy Fricke a Member of Team ProI often think of that monochromatic spade claiming its red as it’s driven into the head of the less superior. I am not alone. But when it comes to innovation you have to say that they produce a glint in a constellation of online poker rooms that is matched by none other.

At the turn of the year, some bright spark decided to mix the delights of poker and food when they created the first PokerStars All-In Kitchen experience. The largest online poker room in the world partnered with Jones & Sons, and the temporary abode would be a pop up kitchen in Haggerston, London.

The idea was spawned as a blue-sky way of thinking when it came to promoting the London leg of the United Kingdom & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT), and it’s back. After events in Marbella and Nottingham (where I assume the food joints are as inspiring as the Manchester Ship Canal) PokerStars All-In Kitchen will be making a guest appearance in Bristol.

The events, which are being held as I write this, are taking place at Pata Negra, a Spanish Tapas restaurant that lives in the Clare Street district of Bristol, a locale that can become quite titillating on a weekend, a word I particular like because it makes me think of tits.

It’s time for the Naked Chef to move over, as Little Slick moves into the kitchen to deliver some top gourmet grub. Players can compete in a poker tournament, with the winner earning a free meal. The player finishing second will see £10 swatted from their bill, and £5 coming off the bill of the person finishing in third. If you can’t be assed playing poker, or turned up by mistake and don’t know the difference between Big Slick and a Big Dick, then your three course meal will cost you £18.

The UKIPT Bristol Main Event will take place Aug 6-9 at the Rainbow Casino. If this well manicured idea is going to grow into a set of nails of Florence Griffith Joyner proportions, then they are going to need some help. I have the answer. It’s time to get PokerStars onto Jimmy Fricke’s map of deliciousness. If there was ever a time for Fricke to join Team PokerStars it’s now. There is no better food critic in the biz.


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