The Davy 26: 26 Customer Questions That Will Improve Your Bankroll

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Lee Davy takes a few pages out of the fabulous book, Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive by Harvey B. Mackay, and in a blatant piece of plagiarism, creates the Davy 26: 26 Customer Facts That Will Improve Your Bankroll

Self improvement geek?

The Davy 26: 26 Customer Questions That Will Improve Your BankrollIf not, go and spend the next 10-mins plucking grey nasal hair. If so, then I have a book recommendation.

Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive by Harvey B. Mackay is effing marvelous. He promises to teach you to outmanage, outmotivate and outnegotiate your competition. The man delivers. And no. This isn’t a book about poker.

That’s the best piece of advice you have received all week. Busy? Then stop reading. You’ve already earned your corn. Bored? Keep on reading.

In business, you have to understand your customer. If you are a poker player, then you are a business. Your customers are your competitors. They are the people who pay your bills.

Arm yourself with the right information and forget outmanaging, outmotivating, and outnegotiating them. You will be out folding them, out three-betting them and out bluffing them in no time at all.

Never under-estimate the value of information.

I know. The requisite info is already available. A tap on the side of the head produces a download. All the tells, all the tricks – you remember the exact cards your opponent held the last time you played 20-years ago.

I’m calling you out.

I don’t believe you are as efficient as you think.

There is a scene in the TV series Sherlock when the mastermind admits to Dr. Watson that he was unaware the earth revolved around the sun. Watson looks at him incredulously. The genius didn’t know that?

‘No, and I aim to forget it immediately.” Said Holmes.

Why did Holmes want to forget a fact that Watson believed to be so important?

Holmes believes the mind has a finite capability of storing information. Store redundant and unnecessary information, and you have less room for the important and relevant.

If it’s good for Sherlock Holmes, then it’s good for you. Stop pretending you know everything about your opponent. You need some help. You need The Davy 26.

The Davy 26 is a blatant rip off from the Mackay 66: a customer profile questionnaire that Mackay insists all of his sales team fill out. The Mackay 66 contains 66 questions. I have 26. He’s a lot smarter than me.

You need to learn how to understand the information, and how to use it when you are at the table. I’m not here to teach you that. I’m not that good at poker. But I do understand the importance of using tools to advance your knowledge and understanding of the bottom line.

How do you get this information?

Ask. I’m serious. People love to talk about themselves. Ask and they will respond. The quieter types need a little more work. Remain observant. Learn how to communicate better. Take on the challenge and turn it into a fun exercise.

The Davy 26

1. Name

Did you think I was going to start with any other question?

2. Online Nickname

If they don’t have one, they don’t play online, and that’s an important thing to know. If they do have one, then make a note of it, because when you are listening to gossip at the tables, players are often referred to by their online poker pseudonym.

3. Age

I am 40. I look 30. People who are older tend to play differently than people who are younger.

4. Nationality.

The French and Italians are fish. The Germans are mustard. You get my point.

5. Appearance

If your opponent keeps losing chips in folds of skin then this tells you a little something about how they manage their life. Poker mirrors life.

6. Nutrition

Do they like to drink alcohol? Are they the type of player to accept a drink whilst playing? What soft drinks do they order? What food do they eat? Do they care about their body?

7. Education

Did they drop out of school when they were 16, or did they follow in the footsteps of Vanessa Selbst? Did they revise? Did they just wing it? This is an indicator of how hard they work away from the tables.

8. Marital Status

Married men and women are less likely to take risks than single men and women.

9. Children

How old are they? Are they keeping them awake at night? Are they stressed? Are they away from home and missing them? Can you talk about them? Get Mummy or Daddy into a playful and caring mood?

10. Business

Do they have other interests outside of poker? What are they? Are they always checking stocks at the table, or talking on their mobile phone? How involved are they in the game?

11. Poker Goals

Are they here for the long haul, or are they dissatisfied with the game and can’t wait to leave? Do they prefer cash games or tournaments? Why?

12. Values & Beliefs

What are their most important values and beliefs? Do they like to gamble? Do they believe poker is gambling? Are they risk takers? Are they compassionate? Do they socialize a lot? Are they private? Do they like to tell you their life story?

13. Immediate Goals

What are they up to in that moment? What’s cooking? What pies are their fingers wedged in?

14. Long Term Goals

Do they want to win 30 WSOP bracelets, or are they just waiting to win enough cash to get the hell out of dodge? How are their finances tied up with those long term goals?

15. Money Management

Are they backed? Do they sell action? How much make up are they in? Does anyone owe them money? Are they playing at the right buy-in level? What’s their history like?

15. Politics

What is their political standpoint? Is this likely to affect the way they approach the game?

16. Religion/Spirituality.

What is their religion? Does their religion frown upon gambling? If so, does this make them less likely to gamble? Are they spiritual? Do they believe in the Law of Attraction and the power of positivity?

17. Superstitions

Are they superstitious? Is their seat important to them, other than for position? Do they have lucky charms? If so why? What do they believe brings them good or bad luck?

18. Substance Abuse

Do they drink a lot of alcohol? Do they drink when they play? How does this affect their ability? Do they smoke a lot? Does this make them nervous? Are they prone to leave the table to smoke frequently? Do they take drugs? How does this affect them, when high, or sober?

19. Hobbies and Interests

What do they do when they are not playing poker? Do they like sports? How competitive are they?  Do they like movies? What type? Do they cry?

20. Are They Concerned About the Opinion of Others?

If they are, how does this affect their game? If they don’t, then you can be sure that it will affect their game.

21. How is Their State of Mind?

How often do they tilt? What makes them tilt? How would you describe their various emotional states? How do they play in accordance with those states? Can you get them angry? How? What happens? Do they loosen up when happy? What makes them happy?

22. Google Search

Carry out a Google search. What comes up? Are they wanted for murder? What poker articles have they been involved in? Have they been interviewed? What did they talk about? Are they a wonder kid you have previously never heard of?

23. Hendon Mob

What does their live tournament resume look like? Do you know anyone that has played with them before? Ring them and ask for some information. Are they playing out of their buy-in level?

26. PocketFives/High Stakes DB

Do they have a strong online presence? How much have they won or lost? What type of tournaments do they play? What buy-in levels? Where do they play?

So there you have it – The Davy 26.

If you don’t think you have the time to do this then you are wrong. This is exactly the type of information you should be obtaining when you are not in the hand. This is work.

Remember that people change. They fall in love, they fall out of love, they win big, they lose big, they tilt like a motherfucker, they Zen like Buddha. Record your Davy 26 data on your mobile device, and update every time you play.


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