Becky’s Affiliated: Top 6 Sessions to Attend at the London Affiliate Conference

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beckys-affiliated-top-6-sessions-to-attend-at-the-london-affiliate-conferenceWith all the excitement of the conferences coming up in London, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the sessions available that could benefit you and your business.

The upcoming London Affiliate Conference includes a huge expo floor full of booths with open bars, giveaways, games and all sorts of clever marketing ploys, but it also features a variety of sessions addressing the common issues facing iGaming affiliates and operators today.

With three simultaneously running tracks each day, the task of picking out the best sessions to attend can be daunting.  A good piece of advice is to study the sessions on tap in advance, highlight the ones you like and slot them into your schedule if time permits.

If you don’t have time to read through the LAC session schedule but would like to attend one or two, here’s a quick list of some quality sessions you should consider attending.

1) How to earn 4 to 6 figures monthly promoting FX & Binary Options with no starting capital 

Tiz Corta is one of the biggest affiliates around and he’s not afraid to share his tips and tricks with the masses.  This session of Corta’s will cover opportunities for affiliates in the Forex and Binary markets, how to pick the best affiliate programs and offers to promote, how to generate high converting traffic and how to increase revenues by branching out beyond Forex and Binary.

Corta shared with, “We will reveal the simple 3 steps anyone can follow to generate 4 to 6 figures monthly as a Forex and Binary Options affiliate, and the best part is…none of these require any starting capital!”

Speaker: Tiz Corta, CEO & Owner, Inspired Publishing Ltd

When & Where: 11:30, Sunday, Financial Partners Expo

2) Bitcoin Gambling: How can affiliates take advantage 

Bitcoin has been a hot topic within online gambling for a few years now and tangible opportunities for affiliates are finally beginning to emerge.  The concept and characteristics of crypto currencies are perfect for the online gambling industry and as the industry becomes more aware, the opportunities will continue to grow.

The experts in this panel will explain how and why affiliates should get involved with Bitcoin right now when the iron is hot.

Panelist Oron Barber said, “I will be sharing info for affiliates to help them understand the market better, additional info about the brands, the affiliate platforms, the affiliate managers, the stats systems and the potential. These notes will give the affiliates better clue about if and how to step into this niche”.

Speakers: Adam Leonard, Founder, Trebax Group, Eric Benz, International Director of Operators, GoCoin, Gian Perroni, President, CanAffco, Oron Barber, Co-Founder & CEO, CoinPoint

When & Where: 14:00, Sunday, New Markets & Opportunities

3) How to generate financial traffic from Asia 

Everyone knows the Asian market is the holy grail of the online gambling industry.  The question is, how do we tap into it.  The Great Firewall of China puts up a big challenge for operators wishing to access players residing within the country’s borders, but one way to get through is via financial betting.

In this session, Toby Oddy will explore the opportunities for financial betting in China and how to target new customers or “traders”.

Oddy shared with, “The opportunity is vast in Asia and certainly China. As the population grows in China to well over 600 million people of which only 40% are embracing the internet, it is now time to look over the Great Wall and start to market to the new elite of consumers”.

He added, “I will be sharing Digital Fuel’s experience with operating in Asia and running paid search campaigns on Baidu, Webo and other digital marketing channels. I will go in to detail about the opportunity for affiliates and also operators, plus the laws and regulations that are in place for marketing to an Asian audience”.

Speaker: Toby Oddy, Founder, Digital Fuel

When & Where: 15:10, Sunday, Financial Partners Expo

4) How to monitor and analyse social mentions to be more effective at acquiring and retaining players

Social media is here to stay, like it or not.  Monitoring social media and staying on top of the buzz can help companies understand who their audience is and what they are interested in.

In this session, Joakim Nilsson will discuss the importance of shared experiences on social media, how to analyse social media data and how to determine your audience.

Nilsson shared with,I have analysed more than 10 million social media mentions across all major sportsbooks for year 2014. At LAC I will take you through an intriguing data set and paint the picture of the 2014 sportsbook social buzz”.

Speaker: Joakim Nilsson, MD, SCRM Cloud

When & Where: 16:10, Sunday, Acquisition Zone

5) Look ma no links and I’m ranking!

Nick Garner is one of the most respected SEO experts in the online gambling industry.  Garner is known for providing actionable advice during his presentations, similar to the type of advice you’ll find in his “SEO Tip of the Week” series.

In this session, Garner will explain a new “x” factor to getting ranked with “no links”, a concept going against what we’ve been told by SEOs for months.  He will explain how this “x” factor touches on far bigger questions every affiliate should be asking themselves.

Garner shared, “Affiliates are obsessed with links and onsite optimisation, but it turns out there’s a 3rd piece to ranking and its trust optimisation. Get that piece right and you get user engagement which in turn will give your rankings a boost”.

He continued, “The strange thing is how simple it is and how easy it is to gain. I don’t suggest there is a free lunch, but links aren’t the only story anymore.  To back this up, we have case study examples which make for a compelling reason to change the way you do SEO”.

Speaker: Nick Garner, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, 90Digital

When & Where: 10:35, Monday, Online Marketing and SEO

6) Thriving in Today’s Customer-Driven World 

Personalisation and using data to ensure a top-notch customer experience is becoming more and more important for every digital business.  Sending mass messages is no longer acceptable and David Fisher will help marketers with the challenge of changing their current process into one that allows them to reach an “audience of one”

Fisher added, During this session, delegates will learn how data segmentation has changed over the past 5 years and how the ‘audiences of one’ is more relevant now than ever”.

Speaker: David Fisher, Senior Consultant, Silverpop

When & Where: 12:20, Monday, Acquisition Zone


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