Interview with Bastian Grimm on Black Hat SEO

Interview with Bastian Grimm on Black Hat Seo

Rebecca Liggero talks to Bastian Grimm of Grimm Digital. He shared his view on  black hat SEO techniques and tips for affiliates who are trying to defend their websites from the black hat SEO.

Google makes it clear that it disapproves of certain SEO tactics, such as hiding keywords with invisible text, or showing one page to Google’s spider and another to actual human visitors and disapproved methods are called Black Hat SEO.

“There’s a lot of different things going by. The aim for cracking down link based things like link schemes or private lot networks; there’s a lot of stuff going on there. The algorithm is still link base isn’t it? And that said they have to go to the wekest part which is links. So they’re aiming for everything that looks like: I manipulated the link…all that stuff. No matter it is a black hat or a grey hat, whatever you want to define it. Everything you wanna do to manipulate it those rankings is what they aree really after,” said Bastian Grimm.

He also explained that for the affiliates who wanted to use black hat SEO techniques, it comes down to risk versus reward. “It’s not a link vying for thousands of work anymore but it’s about doing it intelligently. It depends on the sources. You have to look at the domains where you gotten your links at. You have to look at who else are on there to see if that link might eventually harm you versus doing any good,” Grimm added.

He also said that that affiliates would have to track more on link metrics, on the integration part, and what’s going on with the source site to understand if it is a proper link source, recommending affiliates to monitor their sites and link profile and that there so much tools that can automate the process to see what links has been added or there might be bad links coming in.