Content Marketing Tip of the Week: Set High-level Objectives

Content Marketing Tip of the Week: Set High-level Objectives

theMediaFlow Managing Director Nichola Stott talks about setting high-level objectives for your content strategy in this edition of’s Content Marketing Tip of the Week.

Today’s content marketing tip of the week is to set clearly defined objectives for your content marketing in order to be more effective. This will help shape your strategy for the year ahead, help you measure efficacy, set and adjust budgets going forward.

Examples might include:

  • Grow our audience by 20% in six months
  • Attract 50 new natural links a month due to the quality of our content

As always objectives should be SMART and in future tips we will cover some cool tools for helping to measure social reach and engagement but for now think about the following kind of performance metrics you can track and define in Google Analytics:

  • Increased dwell times
  • Increased pages per unique visit
  • Improved ratio of new to recurring visitors
  • And of course, overall increase in visitors coming from organic routes, be it search, social or referring links

When we’re measuring high-level outcomes against the content marketing activity this will help us understand how to continually improve this marketing channel from budget allocated to understanding ‘what kind of content works best?’