PokerStars Vow to Start Addressing Seating Script Problems

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PokerStars have agreed to look into the problem caused by seating scripts with a two-stage process aimed at improving the situation but fail to answer the most pertinent question raised by grinders.

PokerStars Vow to Start Addressing Seating Script ProblemsPokerStars have confirmed their intention to tackle the “Seating Script” problem that a portion of grinders have been complaining about for an exceedingly long time.

A thread has appeared on the 2+2 forum entitled “Seat Scripting Issues on PokerStars” created by a PokerStars VIP manager known as PokerStars Chris.

PokerStars lack of response to the seating script issue was amongst a plethora of complaints that spewed out of the grinders mouths, in the wake of the cost cutting initiatives, in recent weeks.

It seems they are now trying to give something back.

According to PokerStars Chris, the plan of attack consists of two stages. The first is a proposal to “implement a limit on the number of times a player can reserve a seat at a given table without playing,” and, “as a starting point, we are considering allowing three reservations without game action per table for any given six hour period.”

The second is to welcome feedback and review the situation in more depth before coming up with an even better solution.

“We hope this measure will end the scenario that results in tables being “locked out” by scripts perpetually reserving seats without intending to play and will reduce the overall effectiveness of seat scripts. But we also want to set the limit such that it will minimize the impact on players who are not using scripts,” stated PokerStars Chris.

Seating scripts are created by third-party software providers and are purchased by players who use the software to reserve the best seats in games that include weaker players.

Multiple players, using seating scripts, can lead to games being effectively shut down, as each available seat is temporarily taken up by a new player, only for that seat to immediately be passed to another player using a seating script if they choose not to take the seat.

If none of that makes sense then perhaps this Benny Hill style video will clear things up for you.

The feedback has so far reached 15 pages and PokerStars Chris is doing a great job of answering all of the questions…EXCEPT…the only question that seemingly everyone wants answered.

“Why don’t PokerStars ban seating scripts?”

The fancy footwork from PokerStars Chris has been so dainty he should change his name to Politician Chris.

And they wonder why the trust is eroding like the rust on the bumper of my Dad’s Robin Reliant?

PokerStars hope to rake up all the feedback (no pun intended) and implement a temporary solution “very quickly,” so if you want to have your say then head over to 2+2 and chime in…just don’t waste your breath by asking why seating scripts can’t be banned?

I just had a thought.

None of you young grinders will even know who Benny Hill is.

I know…and this was classed as porn when I was a kid.


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