Go west, young man, go west

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“Go West, young man” is often credited to the American author Horace Greeley concerning America’s expansion westward, related to the then-popular concept of Manifest Destiny and building out the undiscovered section of the then somewhat infantile nation.  It is also a phrase totally unknown to those in the Far East but most suitable and appropriate for the current state of affairs of that region of the world.

Go west, young man, go westThe United States is a hotbed of sports and it burns brightly all year ‘round.  If it can be thrown, kicked, caught, put in a goal or basket, shot across the ice at lightning speed, taken to the heights of skiing, the somewhat blinding events of the race course, putting a small white ball into a slight larger hole, accomplished on the beaches of California by bikini-clad volley-ballers, fought in a boxing ring or challenged in a mixed martial arts cage, and more, we have it.  Morning, noon and night it goes on.

And, we love to wager on the outcome.  In Asia that interest usually translates to the NBA, Premier League Soccer, ping pong and some assorted other sports like Sumo wrestling.  All pale in comparison to the U.S.   Yes, Asia has an obsession with soccer and the NBA has roared in like a tidal wave of the last tsunami but the west awaits.  That does not mean that you who earn your living(s) in the Far East gaming market are suddenly going to open offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  What is does mean, could mean, is whether you are going to achieve multi-billion dollar total revenue status annually, as has been done by some in Costa Rica and various islands of the Caribbean, preying – if you will,  upon the populations of the U.S. and Canada as well as, to some minor degree, others in Europe.

The business of wagering in the Far East, and in Russia, in what we will, cautiously and kindly, refer to as the “gray area, has become huge, overwhelmingly so.  It may be, and no one would fault those participating if they felt it, more than enough.  But the desire to grow, greed itself, following the credo of “those that die with the most toys win,” can be overwhelming and one hell of a stimulant and driving force.  More, in the business of gaming, is decidedly better.  And, the “more” can, will, come from the punters and players with whom you are most familiar, if in the Far East, and who, frankly, recognize a particular entity and reputation.  No argument there.

But the still fertile lands of the west can be seen, can be reached, and can be communicated with thanks to the technology that is permeating our very existence.  No one is further away than your mobile phone, laptop or tablet…in a split second.

Why, you may ask, would anyone in the west wager with anyone in the Far East when they have so much to choose from in their backyard?  Because, I would challenge you, the presumption is that you are another option and what you offer may be made to look more enticing, offer better odds, quicker pay-offs, more sports, items beyond sports…such as casino game and fantasy, supportive content that folks like ourselves provide that is of great interest to the customer when making selection decisions.  You are not going west, as was said at the outset, you are reaching out to the west, contacting them, hoping they embrace your efforts to do so (at least listen, read, sample and entertain them.  That is your task, what you must accomplish.

There will be a definitive atmosphere of mistrust based upon one simple postulate…distance that fosters mistrust.  It is inevitable.  The solution is to go forth and earn it.  The time and effort will pay huge dividends.  Find those that can counsel and advise you and, without creating an ad or solicitation here, someone like myself.  You are now swimming in new waters, choppy, some sharks, undertow, possible stormy seas but a more than worthwhile for what lies ahead … a new adventure, expansion, increased revenue.  What you must realize is that it is not overnight.  It has to be enticing, adventurous, exciting, created, technologically innovative, reflective of incisive knowledge of the market you are desirous of having come to you with their wagers.  And, you must understand them, what they want, what they want to see when they arrive, displaying content, current odds, perks, and, where possible, what they will not find elsewhere.  Of course, the nature of the Internet is that your efforts, the really good and exciting ones, will be copied.

That is how it goes but end justifies the means and you must go west, even if not by plane or any other means of travel other than the Internet.  So to parrot Mr. Greeley, Go west young man, go west.”


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