Steven Horsford Hits Back at Wellington Webb’s Internet Gambling is for “Chumps” Theory

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Nevada politician, Steven Horsford, has hit back at the Mayor of Denver’s assertion that Internet gambling is for “Chumps” in an op-ed that suggests that the young children of the USA are better protected from the ills of online gambling in a regulated online gambling arena, rather than a federally imposed ban.

Chump – A foolish or easily deceived person.

Steven Horsford Hits Back at Wellington Webb’s Internet Gambling is for ‘Chumps’ TheoryThat’s the Internet’s interpretation of the word “Chump”. I had to double check after reading an op-ed written by the Mayor of Denver, Wellington Webb, when he said that he could sum up his feeling’s on online gambling in one sentence: “Gambling on the internet is for chumps.”

You see, in Britain, “Chump” is the name of the thick end of a beautiful piece of lamb and I had a problem seeing Larry the Lamb getting stuck into a game of online poker.

So now you know.

Wellington Webb thinks we are all chumps.

But don’t worry. One man who has leapt to our defense is the United States Representative for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District,  Steven Horsford. In an op-ed penned in Black Press USA – the same website where Webb penned his “Chump” op-ed – Horsford has hit back at his online gambling adversary, with a few home truths of his own.

“As a congressman representing the fourth district of Nevada, I cannot disagree with Mayor Webb more strongly,” wrote Horsford before continuing, “I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to gaming.”

There was the usual jab and counter jab about the Wire Act interpretations…boring shit…but Horsford’s op-ed got more lively when he started his counter argument that a federal ban is needed to protect US children and under-aged players from the evil of this vicious pursuit.

“Like Mayor Webb, I too know the dangers of illegal gambling.  I have read the studies and seen the reports. But the notion that somehow Congress can simply legislate this problem away by instituting an ill-advised ban on all online gaming nationwide is ridiculous,” stated Horsford.

Horsford then goes on to say that there hasn’t been a single recorded case of under age gambling in the three states that operate a fully regulated online gambling arena: Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, and that “successfully implemented regulated systems have created a much safer environment for consumers, including minors, who may currently be gaming illegally on overseas and black market sites.”

The Nevada democrat believes that a federal ban on online gambling would do more harm to those that people like Webb believe they are helping. Webb disagrees: “It’s time for Congress to reassert its policy-making role by putting the teeth back in the Wire Act so we can better understand and regulate Internet gambling. Otherwise, we’re sure to see more wannabe millionaires turn into chumps.”

Deadly Snake Found in SkyCity Casino

It’s a shame that Horsford wasn’t reading prior to his op-ed, because if he had, then he could have thrown this one right back into the face of Wellington and the chumps at the Coalition to Stop Internet Gaming (CSIG).

On Saturday night, a 1.3-meter sea snake managed to find its way into the SkyCity Casino, in Queenstown, Australia. The highly venomous snake has 12 times the venom needed to kill a human being but fortunately the security team caught it before any harm could be done.


You are never going to find a 1.3-meter sea snake when gambling from the comfort of your own home—not unless you are SpongeBob SquarePants—so stuff that one in your pipe and smoke it, Mr. Chump!


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